KYCC district and community members 2022

Kent Youth County Council (KYCC) members represent young people in their area. They help to voice their opinions and bring about change.



I want to ensure the public of Kent listen to the voice of the youth in as much equal measure as that of adults. Furthermore, I want to introduce diversity to Kent and ensure every person has someone they can identify with speaking for them.


I would like to inspire young people to see that there can be a cleaner future. We can make a change for our planet, but the time is now!


I am passionate about current issues and stigma surrounding young people and I see a need for that to change, small or big, we need progress.

Liv (Olivia)

I’m going to listen; beyond listening, I’m going to act, and I truly hope to accomplish change. I’m passionate about my beliefs, and I care.


I firmly believe in our right as the next generation to stand up for what we believe in, I’d like to be a vessel for our concerns and issues.

Deputy member


I will try my hardest as a young girl to change as many lives and help as many as I can. I want young people to feel confident and welcome.


I am eager to help the community, this is seen in my participation at events like the Charity Assembly and completing Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards.



I want to give everyone a voice and a chance to be heard. I want to make Kent a better place focusing on everything from mental health to equality to education, anything and everything can be improved.


I want to campaign on issues such as equality policies in schools and mental health. Nobody should feel marginalised and alone.


I have been a member of KYCC for three years now and am passionate about carrying on being the voice of our youth.


I spoke to local residents and listened to their concerns.  I intend to act upon them in order to enhance the district of Canterbury.


I want to make life better for the Canterbury district. Especially for those struggling with bullying or poor mental health.

Deputy member


I want to safeguard children and ensure we are giving them the voice they deserve.


Being part of the Kent Youth County Council gives me the opportunity to volunteer within my community and make a positive impact on my community. My late grandad, a freeman of the City of Canterbury, inspired me to apply to be on the youth county council and taught me that we all have a duty to serve our community - something I hope that I can achieve as a member of the council. I would like to continue his legacy in making Kent a better place for young people. I believe that we as young people have a responsibility to work towards a better future for Kent, as much as the city council themselves.


I believe that I can voice the opinion and speak up for those who need a voice, and stand up for what I believe in.



As a member of KYCC, I aim to help make Kent a comfortable and sustainable environment for all young people. Making young people’s voices heard is very important to me.


I am involved in the student council at my school and enjoy being a proxy for the student body. I think I would enjoy doing this on a county level. I would like to be able to represent and bring to light the needs for young people in my area.


I joined KYCC because I believe that I can help children like me in Kent have a great school experience, as a great school life is key to a prosperous life. My motto is life is short so make your achievements last longer.



I joined the KYCC because I believe that the youth should have a voice and so that the next generation will be able to be responsible in the future. I have chosen to join the mental health group to support those who need more support.



I want to show children that they can achieve their dreams without having to wait until they are adults, as well as teach them about things they will need to know in the future.


I will do my best to ensure that, regardless of what status you live in, you have a say in the area you grow up in, not just a select few.



Because I want people to feel like they have someone to talk to especially young people because I was in that situation too.


I believe children’s worries should be heard from a younger age. So many people don’t believe their kids because they’re so young.


I am inspired by Marcus Rashford's campaign to end child food poverty. I would like to see more inclusive playgrounds for children with disabilities.


“If I don't, who will?” That's my catchphrase. It won't win me any advertising awards. I want to help youth in my area.


I am passionate about helping people in need who are suffering. I am not afraid of speaking out when I spot injustices against other people.


I intend to work around current issues like mental health and social issues as that is a problem in the local district.

Deputy member


I feel like it is very important to raise awareness for issues of young and unheard lives.


I live in Deal and have knowledge of the local issues in the Dover district. I am a keen fundraiser.


I will continue to make larger-scale change involving mental health support and volunteering opportunities for young people across Kent.


I have been doing KYCC for 2 years now. During my time there I believe I have already made a difference and would like to make more!



I am passionate about making the voices of young people heard in our community, and changing attitudes towards minorities such as LGBTQ+.


I want to get young people's voices heard. I always hear "and this is what I hate about Folkestone". I want to change it and make it happier.


I wish all to be equal and be able to grow up in an accepting and safe community with easy accessibility to information and resources.



I am the individual that will ensure that the young community in Gravesham is provided with the facilities and resources necessary to thrive.


I would like to achieve a safer place for young people in Kent and get young people’s voices heard.




I wish to contribute to Youth Parliament as a Deputy Member and prove to those that don’t hold the same opinion as the majority can still achieve what they aspire for. I hope to balance out the ideas brought towards KYCC between a majority and minority opinions and champion a real diversity in the verbal debates.



Do you want to see a change? My name is Justice and I care. I want to help my community. I want to listen to the people.


I would like to increase awareness about environmental issues and work with schools and local communities to help fight the ever-growing problems present due to climate change. I also want to educate people to tackle issues such as racism, homophobia etc. to make my district a safer and more equal place for everybody.


I understand the real difficulties young people today face and will campaign to help and improve the lives of students in and out of school.


I am an extremely confident person, who is very driven and strongly believes that my experiences allow me to make the most positive change.



I would like to make a difference in our world and address the key issues that plague us daily as young people as we progress in our lives.

Deputy member


I aim to make school curriculum changes to educate young people positively about cultural differences and eradicate racial discrimination.


I have been interested in politics for over 2 years. I wish to give young people a voice and to help the people of tomorrow.


I'm a young individual looking for change. I want to stand up for what's right. I want new and valuable opportunities available for everyone.


I will fight for Maidstone's youth to ensure we progress from the COVID-19 pandemic to a society that prides diversity, unity and empowerment.



Because I want to voice my opinion along with other young people's voices. I want young people to have a better opportunity for their voices to be heard. For better access to the council for young people. And cheaper transport for young people.



I want to enhance the awareness of opportunities for young people across Swale in my second term as a KYCC member.


I believe that everyone should be treated equally and that school is important for young kids to express themselves. Climate change is real!


I hope to represent my district and the views that matter to young people within it, as well as making Kent a safer place to live in.


Hi, I am Megan, I am from Faversham. I want to make the world a happier place for everyone and reduce pollution for future generations!


I am capable and worthy of being a spokesperson for the youth of Swale. I will help to try and make sure that facilities are good enough.


As a member of KYCC, I hope to help other young people feel more comfortable voicing their views to make Kent a better place. My main goal is to make young people more engaged in things that they are truly passionate about.


I wish to make Kent and its schools more of a safe and comfortable place for members of the LGBTQ+ community of all ages and backgrounds.

Deputy member


I will improve support for mental health issues in the young, with an emphasis on environmental education and wellbeing awareness.


I would make sure people have a voice in decision making and also that their ideas and thoughts are heard and valued.


I have been in KYCC for 2 years, I am currently vice chair and I am loving it! I would love to carry on the work I am doing right now!



I want to speak for the youth as we are silenced constantly by adults and our opinions aren't stupid!


I want to make Thanet a welcoming place for everyone. I will listen to and advocate for the opinions and views of young people in Thanet.


Whatever your ethnicity, sexuality, religion, or background is, your voice matters, and I will do everything I can to make sure you are heard.


I want to help spread positivity and help spread awareness for the important issues today.


I aim to come up with new ideas and help set up projects for a few issues. Such as, climate change and helping to support youth in Kent.



I have an interest in politics and I have a passion for improving the local community. I have many ideas on how we can make our area better.


I strongly believe that there needs to be a change in the approaches taken on many issues, specifically discrimination in education and work.


I am passionate about young people’s mental health and would like to raise awareness of mental health issues in young people. I also feel strongly about improving facilities and access for young disabled people across Kent.


I strongly believe in bettering communities, whether it is diversity or climate change. I understand these are global issues, we need to help.



I want schools to be accessible for disabled people, welcoming of queer people, intolerant of racism and safe for all, for an equal future.


I would like to gain some experience in politics and improve my confidence and public speaking. I would also like to give back to the community, and strengthen my CV/ UCAS application.


I would like to continue my work on mental health, particularly as young people have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


I'd like to help show the best of Kent with better representation for all, equality for all, a life for all.


I am a strong believer in LGBTQ rights and everyone’s thoughts should be heard.


I want to fight for not only the young people of Ashford to be heard but also the voice of minority groups to be heard just like others.


I care deeply about issues affecting young people such as mental health and period poverty, and have always loved politics and helping others.


I want to change how the LGBT youth are treated currently, I want equity for those who need help, and I want LGBT people to feel secure.


As a member of the LGBTQIA+ and a friend to many LGBTQIA+ members of the community I will be able to share the views of the community.