KYCC district and community members 2022

Kent Youth County Council (KYCC) members represent young people in their area. They help to voice their opinions and bring about change.



I would like to inspire young people to see that there can be a cleaner future. We can make a change for our planet, but the time is now!


I will campaign tirelessly for KCC to support the working class. Free University Tuition. Free School Meals. Free Bus Travel. For all.


I am passionate about current issues and stigma surrounding young people and I see a need for that to change, small or big, we need progress.


I am ambitious, driven and never deterred by a challenge; I would undoubtedly strive to improve the lives of the youth in our community.


I like to think I am a kind, caring and understanding person, with good insight into the issues young people face in today's world.

Liv (Olivia)

I’m going to listen; beyond listening, I’m going to act, and I truly hope to accomplish change. I’m passionate about my beliefs, and I care.


I firmly believe in our right as the next generation to stand up for what we believe in, I’d like to be a vessel for our concerns and issues.


I want to tackle the issues I personally faced growing up, to help young people through empathy and the understanding of these issues.

Deputy member


I want to make a change in our district. Crime and hate crimes are too common.


I want to inspire creativity, growth and initiative. Most importantly I want to make the community a happier place.


I am a motivated person who wishes to help make fellow LGBTQIA+ members feel comfortable in school and outside of school!



I will listen and give a voice to the young people of Canterbury and help them to lift the burden of anything off their shoulders.


I want to change how young people are treated in communities and have better opportunities to access support in schools and where they live.


I want to help the disadvantaged, increase awareness about mental health, give SEN students a fairer chance at life, making dreams come true.


I want to campaign on issues such as equality policies in schools and mental health. Nobody should feel marginalised and alone.


I have been a member of KYCC for three years now and am passionate about carrying on being the voice of our youth.


I spoke to local residents and listened to their concerns. I intend to act upon them in order to enhance the district of Canterbury.


I want to make life better for the Canterbury district. Especially for those struggling with bullying or poor mental health.


I am very confident in public speaking and debating. I would like to help change young people's lives for the better and make a difference.

Deputy member


I would really like to give children and teenagers a voice and a chance to express their opinions on how we could improve our district.


I am autistic and a young carer. Our voices are often unheard by decision makers. I will listen, and ensure our views and voices are heard.


I will be a voice for the younger years and listen to your ideas and questions. I show great leadership skills, volunteering across school.


I want to be voted to push for change for a better society by putting forward the ideas of peers around me and discussing issues as a community.



I stand for young people and I would give other young people like myself a chance to make a difference, we are the future.


I am determined to be a Dartford district representative because I aspire to help our local community be the best it can be and listen to all of us and make Dartford a better place.


I am involved in the student council at my school and enjoy being a proxy for the student body. I think I would enjoy doing this on a county level. I would like to be able to represent and bring to light the needs for young people in my area.


I have good ideas, I say it how it is and because of the school I go to I’m surrounded by disadvantaged children.


I am pro-voice. I believe that everyone, even the most disadvantaged youth in our local area should be able to express themselves.


I will do my best to ensure that, regardless of what status you live in, you have a say in the area you grow up in, not just a select few.

Deputy member


The new generation is our hope for a better future. We need to take on their focus and create a new modern society.


I have a vision to make not just Dartford but also Kent a better place. As a current member, I believe that I am suitable for this role.



Because I want people to feel like they have someone to talk to especially young people because I was in that situation too.


I believe children’s worries should be heard from a younger age. So many people don’t believe their kids because they’re so young.


I want to campaign to make mental health an authorised absence from schools. I want to change the way SEND parents are treated.


“If I don't, who will?” That's my catchphrase. It won't win me any advertising awards. I want to help youth in my area.


I am passionate about helping people in need who are suffering. I am not afraid of speaking out when I spot injustices against other people.


I strive to improve the lives of others and want to make a difference in my community. I also want young people to feel like their voices are being heard.


Kent's young people need someone who can make real change in their local area. My ability to connect with decision-makers will deliver.


My passion is about building a better and more sustainable future for the people around me - whether I have met them or not.

Deputy member


I have lived in Dover my whole life and my experiences have differed. I would love an opportunity to change real experiences for Dover people.


I will represent all young people in Kent and make sure that every young person is heard and their issues are being acted upon.



I am passionate about making the voices of young people heard in our community, and changing attitudes towards minorities such as LGBTQ+.


I want to get young people's voices heard. I always hear "and this is what I hate about Folkestone". I want to change it and make it happier.


I would like to keep our town clean and safe for everyone. I will listen to all your ideas and I will try my best to solve our local issues.


I wish all to be equal and be able to grow up in an accepting and safe community with easy accessibility to information and resources.


I will listen to what teenagers and children want and strive to change what they, the future generation, find important as well as my goals.


I want young people to know that they have a reliable representative speaking on behalf of them and making sure they get the help they need.


I have been volunteering at my local youth club as I am passionate about giving all young people a voice in order to bring positive change.

Deputy member


I believe in giving a voice to the young people of our community and I believe we can make a real difference to our county and more.



I have good ideas for the area and say it as it is. I understand people's needs and I'm good at listening.


I am the individual that will ensure that the young community in Gravesham is provided with the facilities and resources necessary to thrive.


I am a hard working, caring and responsible young person. I listen to people and I feel strongly about Gravesham and making it better.


I have a dream just like Martin Luther King. Someone has to speak out on real issues that affect young people and I have a voice to do so.


I will inspire young individuals to achieve their dreams, as I successfully have. Volunteering in community activities, raising awareness.

Deputy member


I'll make effort to ensure each and every voice is heard and work my absolute hardest to ensure each young person feels seen and cared for.


I strive to make Kent, and furthermore England, a safer place for the Queer community and to increase mental health for everybody.


I am not afraid of speaking about serious subjects and I look at many different points of view. I also enjoy working with others and I persevere through public speaking. I'm a social person who enjoys learning more about others and their issues.


I believe that I am the right person for this because I can voice the concerns that young people are having throughout Gravesend.



I strive to make schools and environments a safe place for all with mental illnesses and mental health issues so they can feel comfortable.


I’ve only just started showing the best of KYCC and cannot wait to represent even more youth of the county. Equality for all, a life for all.


I want children to be safe, have better school and life environments to ensure positive, confident mindsets going forward as they get older.


Do you want to see a change? My name is Justice and I care. I want to help my community. I want to listen to the people.


There are two sides to every story;, neither would be as powerful without the other. I seek to deconstruct uncertainties and unite opposers.


I understand the real difficulties young people today face and will campaign to help and improve the lives of students in and out of school.


I am an extremely confident person, who is very driven and strongly believes that my experiences allow me to make the most positive change.


I would like to make a difference in our world and address the key issues that plague us daily as young people as we progress in our lives.

Deputy member


I was in the KYCC last year and I would like to continue helping young people in Kent.


I am an autistic candidate who is passionate about the environment and if elected I would offer an alternative perspective.



Electing me will give you a voice to speak up about the issues young people face every day so that we can make life a little easier for us.


I am extremely passionate about changing things for the good and, as a tenacious person, often do not cease until I have attained my goals.


Because I want to voice my opinion along with other young people's voices. I want young people to have a better opportunity for their voices to be heard. For better access to the council for young people. And cheaper transport for young people.


I'm a good listener, a resilient problem solver,would love the opportunity to develop my leadership skills whilst making a positive change.

Deputy member


I wish to support minority groups, for example, those within the LGBTQ+ community as well as those who suffer from mental and physical disabilities.


I want to be a voice for all young members in Sevenoaks who feel something needs to be changed. I want to create an impact to support.


I am community minded individual - we can all play our part to make our community a kinder more caring place



I believe I have the courage and dedication to change or improve facilities and factors that will benefit our youth.


I want to enhance the awareness of opportunities for young people across Swale in my second term as a KYCC member.


I believe that everyone should be treated equally and that school is important for young kids to express themselves. Climate change is real!


I hope to represent my district and the views that matter to young people within it, as well as making Kent a safer place to live in.


Hi, I am Megan, I am from Faversham. I want to make the world a happier place for everyone and reduce pollution for future generations!


I am capable and worthy of being a spokesperson for the youth of Swale. I will help to try and make sure that facilities are good enough.


As a member of KYCC, I hope to help other young people feel more comfortable voicing their views to make Kent a better place. My main goal is to make young people more engaged in things that they are truly passionate about.


I do and will always give the young people of Swale a voice for change and improvement of young people's lives.

Deputy member


I would make sure people have a voice in decision making and also that their ideas and thoughts are heard and valued.



I want to speak for the youth as we are silenced constantly by adults and our opinions aren't stupid!


I want to make Thanet a welcoming place for everyone. I will listen to and advocate for the opinions and views of young people in Thanet.


I have always wanted to help people. Now, I want to help young people have a voice.


I can make a change in our day to day lives. I can be your voice and I’m willing to make a change in society.


Whatever your ethnicity, sexuality, religion, or background is, your voice matters, and I will do everything I can to make sure you are heard.


I want to make a difference and help the voices of Kent's young people be heard. I will spread a lot of positivity along the way.


I aim to come up with new ideas and help set up projects for a few issues. Such as, climate change and helping to support youth in Kent.


I am eager to improve our local area to better cater for the younger generation and believe I will be able to help create positive change.

Deputy member


I want to give back to the community and be a voice for all the young people. I know I can make a difference.


I will use my communication skills to listen to people's needs and commit to taking action in areas like mental health and the environment.


I feel young people are not heard and I want to be their voice. I feel strongly about young people's physical and mental health because I feel they do not get heard.



I want to be able to make Kent more accessible for everyone as well as a county that is for everyone, young people included.


Studying global politics means I know how to understand and report situations democratically for the best interests of young people.


I have an interest in politics and I have a passion for improving the local community. I have many ideas on how we can make our area better.


I strongly believe that there needs to be a change in the approaches taken on many issues, specifically discrimination in education and work.


I am aiming to encourage young people to stop vaping and tackle youth violence and antisocial behaviour such as intimidation and shoplifting.


I believe that regardless of our age we can make a difference if we are aware of the needs of others and are prepared to take part.


I am passionate about young people’s mental health and would like to raise awareness of mental health issues in young people. I also feel strongly about improving facilities and access for young disabled people across Kent.


I strongly believe in bettering communities, whether it is diversity or climate change. I understand these are global issues, we need to help.

Deputy member


I feel that I have good policies, I listen to other people and I have a lot to offer. I support and respect people equally.


I've a been co-chair/vice chair of equality before, I want to help others and make sure everyone's voices are heard no matter what



I want schools to be accessible for disabled people, welcoming of queer people, intolerant of racism and safe for all, for an equal future.


I want to implement concrete solutions tackling environmental sustainability, ethnic, cultural and religious inclusivity and the cost of living crisis.


I would like to gain some experience in politics and improve my confidence and public speaking. I would also like to give back to the community, and strengthen my CV/ UCAS application.


I am committed to ensuring socioeconomic prosperity and social equity for my local constituents.


Real change means mobilising the people. We, the youth, are key to this. I support equality, mental health awareness and our environment.


I think I am a responsible representative who will try to do the best for our town and make it a better place for future generations


I would like to continue my work on mental health, particularly as young people have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Tunbridge Wells is one of the most magnificent towns in the country and I want to ensure that this will stay the case in the long-term.

Deputy member


I am good at listening, a strong, fearless speaker who isn't afraid of the truth and will go out of my way to keep balance. I am a fan of political subjects, keep updated on daily matters and have learnt from years of watching commotion in the commons. I am unique and bring new ideas to politics as a whole.


Local democracy is the most important form of democracy. Local representatives working for local people is the way I think things should run


I want special needs classes in mainstream schools.


I plan to help young people in this area and surrounding areas and deal with the explosion in crime to make a better environment for living.


I'd like to help show the best of Kent with better representation for all, equality for all, a life for all.


I would like to be considered for this role because I'm passionate about supporting LGBTQ+ young people and providing information on it.


I have a first-hand understanding of how severe allergies can affect young people's safety, mental health, friendships and their lives.


I am a strong believer in LGBTQ rights and everyone’s thoughts should be heard.


As a young carer, BAME student and head girl, I want to inspire empowerment in every student, becoming a bridge that will unite us all.


I want to bring more awareness of the LGBT+ community and work towards a safe environment for members of my community.


I want to fight for not only the young people of Ashford to be heard but also the voice of minority groups to be heard just like others.


I want to make a difference in young people's lives and make it fairer for everyone, no matter about financial status or disability.


I would like to promote inclusivity, the usage of preferred pronouns and the better understanding of mental health in the LGBT community.


I care deeply about issues affecting young people such as mental health and period poverty, and have always loved politics and helping others.


I am passionate about cultural diversity, inclusivity and mental health. I strongly believe in giving those unheard a voice.


I am determined for young people to have their voices heard and to stand against discrimination, hate crimes and microaggressions.


All communities and minorities deserve to be heard and understood. I want to be the one to represent the LGBTQIA+ community.


I want to change how the LGBT youth are treated currently, I want equity for those who need help, and I want LGBT people to feel secure.


As a member of the LGBTQIA+ and a friend to many LGBTQIA+ members of the community I will be able to share the views of the community.