Members - Kent Youth County Council

Kent Youth County Council (KYCC) members represent young people in their area. They help to voice their opinions and bring about change.

KYCC district and community members 2020



I hope to achieve greater rights for young people so that we enter adulthood prepared for life ahead. We should not be ignored any longer about issues that will affect our future.

This is Alex's second year as a KYCC member.


I believe the youth have every right to be heard and taken seriously, especially when it comes matters that concern them.


I hope to bring positive change in the lives of young people which equips them for the future and helps them be valuable members of society.


I'm a passionate activist for people my age. I've got a voice and I intend to use it any way I can to give it to other people my age too.


I believe that above all, good mental health support is the key for young people to learn in school, to function in the workplace, and more.


During my time at KYCC I hope to accomplish what I set out in my manifesto. I think the issue that needs most attention is mental health. With a long waiting list to get the support to those who need it. I hope that KYCC can rally behind my idea that more teachers are trained in counselling for young people.

This is Toby's second year as a KYCC member.


I hope to provide a better forum for the youth issues and problems to be solved and/ or expressed. I want to facilitate better mental health transportation and mental health resources guidance and help.

This is Todd's second year as a KYCC member.

Deputy members


I think that young people should have a voice in Kent and all young people should be heard.


I firmly believe I can and will make a change for the better in the lives of young people in Ashford.



I am determined to fight for what I believe in, such as what will benefit young people in the future.


I am incredibly passionate about the voices of young people being heard.


I’d like to carry on bringing a voice to young people across Kent and voicing issues we all suffer from as young people.


If I was elected to KYCC, I would endeavour to help improve areas key to young people across Kent such as equality and mental health.


I believe that I can make positive changes to young people's lives in Kent because I am aware of and affected by the same problems.

This is Jack's second year as a KYCC member.


I want to expand my knowledge of politics and get some experience on real life governing bodies and get to know new people from all over Kent.

This is Lawrence's second year as a KYCC member.


I love politics, am a great public speaker and I'm a hard worker.

This is Poppy's second year as a KYCC member.


I want to campaign on issues which are ignored by our governing bodies, affecting our future as well as our day-to-day lives.

Deputy members


I want to make the world a better place and not just for this part of Kent but all over.


I want to improve the social ecological environment around Canterbury by making it healthier, cleaner and attractive for people to enjoy.

Dartford members


I've been a member of KYCC before and have seen how the work of the youth council successfully affects the youth of Kent.


I am part of KYCC because I think I could make a change to a lot of things that go on in the world. I have chosen mental health as my campaign group which I think has an impact on a lot of people and I want to make changes to.

This is Krista's second year as a KYCC member.

Shoni (Shoniwa)

I hope as a KYCC member I can help improve mental health and curriculum for life across Kent I would like to create an environment that people will like.

This is Shoni's second year as a KYCC member.

Sevenoaks members


I want to positively impact the youth of Kent. I care about climate change and mental health, as well as young people’s voices being heard.


I want to share my ideas to the wider community and help my district the best I can.


I aim to give young people a supportive voice within the community while raising awareness about issues that are specific to everyone.


I am reliable and I will think through every decision I make to help out as many people as is possible. I can give my opinion and persuade others effectively and quickly.

This is Jacob's second year as a KYCC member.


As a KYCC member I hope to be able to voice all concerns of young people in my district, be available to talk to anyone who needs to talk and make a change in Kent to better suit young people. I also hope to build up my social and speaking skills to benefit me so I can be of better help to young people.

This is Oliver's second year as a KYCC member.


All young people deserve to be safe, happy and have a fun and a safe place to enjoy and relax.

Dover members


I would love to show the young people of Dover the impact that their words can have and relay them to KYCC.

This is Holly's second year as a KYCC member.


I believe that I can help stop the issues that currently surround Dover. This ranges from psychological troubles to climate change.


I care about our local area and believe in being active to make a difference for the future. I'll speak strongly about current issues.


I want to save the environment in any way possible, I feel like this would be a big step and a great platform for me to help our community.

Thanet members


I hope that I can improve the country for young people with what I believe in. Success is good and I am always looking for ways in which we can change and grow.

This is Ethan's second year as a KYCC member.


2019 marks my 3rd year as a KYCC member for Thanet. This year i'm going to be working in the curriculum for life campaign group to get better PSHE provisions in our schools. KYCC is something i'm really passionate about and I will endeavour to represent you at every meeting this year.

This is Lydia's fourth year as a KYCC member.


I believe that Thanet has a few issues, which need to be fixed and I want to make Thanet a nice and calm area.


In my second year with the KYCC I would like to continue my work in representing the young people of Thanet and Kent.

This is Ralph's second year as a KYCC member.


I would like to be a proactive and energetic member by supporting any campaign. I also hope to represent the young people of Thanet and make sure their voices are heard.

This is Rohit's second year as a KYCC member.


I have very strong political views and I want to do what's best for Thanet. I want to put the youth and schools of Thanet first.


I hope to gain experience in a political environment and project young people's voices so that they can be heard. I also hope to grow as a person and become a more confident and efficient representative.

This is Zara's second year as a KYCC member.



I want young people's voices heard, taken into mind and give them confidence.


I believe passionately in the future and prospects of the people living in the Folkestone and Hythe district and Romney Marsh area.


I am a good, kind person who likes to help others. I would like to see things happen to make Kent a better place for young people to live.


I have been at KYCC for two years and would like to make a bigger difference to the anti bullying campaign. I really want to represent you.


During my time as a member of KYCC I would love to see a change in people's lives. I hope I will be able to at least change a group of peoples lives. I have a passion for debating which I think will help me in my role. I hope that my talents and passion can help me in my role within KYCC.

This is Isobel's second year as a KYCC member.

Deputy members


I want to make a difference in my area and continue getting my voice heard. This year I want to try and make a difference across Kent.


I have experience of being a playground buddy and anti-bullying ambassador and I'm passionate about making change in my community.


I am a politics student and I am always very willing to help improve the lives of young people. I want to make a difference for young people.


Gabby (Gabriela)

I hope to be an active member of the KYCC team and develop as an individual as I embark on this new experience.

This is Gaby's' second year as a KYCC member.


I want to be part of the anti-bullying campaign and I want to try and stamp out homophobic abuse. I know that I will not be able to put a full stop to this, but I want to be part of reducing it. I really want to reduce the use of bad language in schools because I hear it all the time.

This is George's second year as a KYCC member.


I'm going to fight for the change of youth community for teenagers to feel that they've been heard and that their voice actually matters.


I am an excellent conversationalist, excellent listener and understand the needs of others. I passionately believe in change for the better.


I promise to bring some much needed change and voice your opinions. I will make life better for young people so they are happy and healthy.


I am a reliable and confident individual which possess for a successful outcome. I am a great listener.

Deputy members


I am a very attentive listener and want to have an impact on the changes that may occur for the younger generation.


There are many issues facing our youth today and we need change whether this is tackling knife crime or climate change something needs to be done.



I am extremely passionate about the issues affecting people in Kent. I will consult with young people in my area to share their views.


I would like to help everybody I can by trying hard at campaigning. I want to make sure young people are happy and have a safe place to go.


I want to represent my community by raising awareness on our environment, improving the current curriculum as well as improving youth hubs.


As a member of KYCC I commit to getting better access for young people to get jobs, improving youth political participation across the county and building an effective curriculum for life.

This is Will's second year as a KYCC member.

Deputy members


I am passionate about mental health and stopping bullying in all schools. I'll listen to you and never give up.



I am a very motivated young person who has a passion to make change within my community and my country so I am standing for re-election.


I want to make life in Kent better for young people by tackling major issues which are affecting the lives of young people.


I will encourage young people in Kent and Swale to use their voices to make change. I will also campaign for mental health and terrorism awareness while also battling to get voting rights for 16 and 17 year olds.

This is Jack's second year as a KYCC member.


As a member I hope to continue to push forward curriculum for life. I want to ensure students are better prepared for their future. I also want to encourage change for the better in all of this years topics. Making Kent better is my main goal for this year and the next.

This is Leilah's second year as a KYCC member.


As a KYCC member I hope to help people as much as I can, especially young people in Swale.

This is Millie's second year as a KYCC member.


I hope to make a change to Kent that is positive for all young people and help young people feel safer and enjoy everything in life.

This is Shannon's second year as a KYCC member.


I am passionate, dedicated and I want to make a positive impact to student life in Kent.

Deputy members


I am a personable, confident and positive person. I am currently a member of KYCC and would like to continue my work with dedication.

Tonbridge and Malling members


I hope to make a positive impact and be able to represent everyone/ anyone who needs/ wants something to be raised. I commit to getting disabled youths better accessibility for transport and ensure everyone has a safe experience online. As well as this I will work towards getting youth hubs to have greater promotion and improvements.

This is Alice's second year as a KYCC member.


I think that in this era of political division, the voice of young people needs to be heard. I would love the opportunity represent you.


I want everyone to come together to improve access to transport and facilities for disabled people.

This is Rachel's second year as a KYCC member.

Tunbridge Wells members


I want to represent the young people in our area who care about the environment we live in, all the while caring for it and conserving it.


I'm a confident young boy with the ability to speak in front of large groups. I listen to people's views and opinions. I want to represent the views and ideas of young people in Tunbridge Wells.


I want to get our voices heard, to get our opinions known, and above all, make progress.


I believe that public transport, LGBTQ+ awareness and mental health services need to be improved.

Tunbridge Wells deputy members


I will listen to the issues young people have and help to make change for the better.


I care deeply about young people and the community. I have family experience of mental health, autism and young carers and I am home educated.

This is Aiah's second year as a KYCC member.


I hope to help Kent's young people with anti-bullying campaign and also to help the young people from other countries with their language, writing and confidence. The way I want to do this is by making anti-bullying and national courses held in youth hubs.

This is Anastasiia's second year as a KYCC member.


I have loved working with KYCC the last 2 years and would love to continue my work on curriculum for life amongst young people.

Jack E

I want to get young people's voices heard. I want to represent LGBTQ+ youth who might not have much support. Make a difference for young people.


I want to better the chances of this generation and allow them to have a safe, comfortable and secure upbringing in our communities.


I want to create an environment wherein young people of colour (POC) and LGBTQ+ feel every part as encouraged, supported and heard as their white counterparts.