KYCC district and community members 2024

Kent Youth County Council (KYCC) members represent young people in their area. They help to voice their opinions and bring about change.



I have had experience at KYCC and thoroughly enjoy it, and still want to pursue my mission to make Kent a better place, and the world.


I believe that essential needs like school meals and tuition fees should either be reduced down to a reasonable price or be free.


I've dedicated my past term to representing Kent's young people with great success and I'd love to continue this through new campaigns.


I want your vote because I will fix our community, because I will make change, and because I care for Ashford as much as you do.

Deputy members


I plan to make Kent a better place than it already is and I promise to put lots of effort into every project in KYCC.


I am a kind individual who is also a very understanding person and won't be mean to anyone at any time or in any shape or form.



I am bursting with new ideas and positivity. I am passionate about making sure young people have a say in the governance of our county.


I'm not afraid to tell the truth, even if it's not what people want to hear. I want young people's voices to be heard and to help others.


I am determined to make a difference, I will represent your interests and work to bring a positive change and create a brighter future.


I want to make a difference in the growing world and I want to speak up for those who don't want to or can't speak for themselves.

Deputy members


I want make sure that all young people get a voice and make Kent a better place for everyone.


I believe everyone should be treated equally and should have an education.


I have a lot to say and I promise to do anything in my power to help overcome problems for young people.


I think I have good leadership skills which will help our district to improve.



I want to make Dartford and Kent a better place for young people. I think everyone should be happy and treated well.


Young people now are often ignored by our politicians because we can't vote and so I want to make sure our voices are heard!


I am wholeheartedly dedicated to Dartford's students and my exemplary track record in the student council unequivocally showcases this.


You can trust me to tackle issues with passion in favour of the people. With me no one can stand alone, I am the guy you know can do it.

Deputy members


I would like to have the opportunity to change young people's lives with the help of programmes that we will develop to make their future brighter.


I want to be able to shed light on very controversial and hidden topics including everyone in my process.


In this new day and age, society requires the youth to stand up and make their problems known. I am willing to be a voice for the youth.


I don't want change. We need it. Now. I want the young people of Kent to be given the utmost environmental, social and physical care.



I feel that I can speak for and help all young people in my area, plus help the community.


“If I don't, who will?” That's my catchphrase. It won't win me any advertising awards. I want to help youth in my area.


Throughout the 4 years I have had at KYCC I have always strived to make a difference for young people and make sure they have a voice.


I will help to make sure everyone is happy safe and supported by everyone.

Deputy member


I would stand for what's right, and if anything is wrong or hurting people, I would do my best to make change and create a safe environment.



I shall bring joy and kindness.


I have always wanted to help people and the world around us.


I am passionate about making a difference for our community and making sure that the voice of young people in our area is heard.


I want to make sure the world and the people living on earth are safe.



I want to help young people understand the importance of having their own opinions on matters relating to them. I want to inspire people.


I seek to make schools teach more about acceptance so that it would be easier to eradicate homophobia, racism, and other xenophobic traits.


I'm driven to amplify your voice, passionate about positive change, and committed to make a difference for our youth.


I am very passionate about helping people. I want to make sure that young people gets the rights they deserve including education and care.

Deputy members


This new generation is our hope for a better future. We need to make sure they have a life with no setbacks many of the older generations faced.


I can ensure the youth is provided extra educational opportunities. Also, I can help the youth feel safe and secure whenever they go out.



I will advocate for inclusivity for people of the LGBTQ+ community. I will raise the profile of KYCC and let young people be heard.


I want to change the prices of school meals and change the environment and make Kent a better place for everyone.


I’m a very passionate person. I’m also very academically intelligent. I wish to clean up Maidstone and advocate for more safe spaces.


Do you want to see a change? My name is Justice and If you vote for me, I vow to help my community and listen to the people.


I want to make a change to young people's lives for the better and be the voice of the voiceless.

Deputy members


Having lived my whole life in Kent I have an interest in helping our community, together we can create a place full of positivity.


I think the opinions of those who aren't as confident (as I have felt growing up) need to be heard equally to those who are.


I want to give the young people of Maidstone a voice that will be heard. I will take your suggestions and make them plans for reality.


I’m already a committed candidate for our local area, and I will deliver. No matter your issue, I will see it fixed as soon as possible.



Young people deserves to have the opportunities to chase after their dreams and not be restricted due to their differences.


I have gained valuable experience over the last year as a deputy member and feel I can put this to good use to further serve the Kent youth.


I am dedicated to making a positive change by being a good role model, improving spaces for young people and helping inequalities you face.


I feel I can make a difference to my local community for the better. I'm passionate on helping support local issues for young people.

Deputy members


I will ensure effective governance, community engagement, and a sustainable future for Kent. #YourVoiceMatters.


I will do my best to listen to you, understand what issues you find important and help create positive change in our community.


As a member of my previous school's student council, I saw how great of an impact young voices can have. I want to help with that here!


I am dedicated to serving our community, committed to progress and passionate about positive change. Your voice, my action.



I believe change the most important things to build a better community and, It starts with the youth. I vouch to listen, to make an impact.


I find it important for young people to have voices as we are the future, and we should be able to share our opinions.


I am an experienced member of the KYCC, having already been a member for two years, and so will be a useful candidate to help make change.


I believe that every child should be given the knowledge and opportunity to ensure that reaching their aspirations is an achievable goal.

Deputy member


I want to make Kent a safer and better county for youths through this position.



I am serious about youth rights and the wrongs of ageism and I would like to help teens and young people with their mental health.


Having been a KYCC member for 2 years, I will continue to listen to and advocate for the opinions and views of young people in Thanet.


My aim is to make Kent a better place to live and address the major problems facing it.


I want to help improve children's lives. Some children suffer so much because of things outside of their control. I want to change that.

Deputy member


I will listen to young people's needs and commit to taking action in areas like mental health and the environment.



I know I could be a really good voice to get issues heard and spread awareness of current problems to my peers.


I'll continue to work hard on my campaigns, especially environmental ones. I have lots of ideas, enthusiasm and positivity to bring to KYCC.


I am a passionate individual who is committed to youth voice - shown in my being an member of Youth Parliament, speaking in the Commons and leading two campaigns.


I have been a member of Kent Youth Council for 2 years. I have enjoyed seeing visible change and want to continue this.

Deputy members


I know how to bring change about. I feel I know what needs to be tackled within Kent, and I know I can collaborate to enact positive change.


I am passionate and dedicated to ensuring equality for every young person. I will aim to allow everyone equal access to what they need.


I would like to help be part of the process of helping make Kent a better place.


When in schools, young people feel lost, feel unheard. I want to end this I want you to vote for me as I want to minimise anxiety and stress.



I’m passionate about youth voices being understood, committed to enhance opportunities, Mental health support and local engagement for safer future.


I've enjoyed my time at KYCC during this last year. I'm passionate about the campaigns I'm working on, love debates and have some great ideas.

Didem Azra

Many of my classmates have raised matters on issues such as transport and recycling, and I want to be the voice to promote these concerns.


I understand the need for change in our society and am not afraid to make mine and other people's voices heard in order to achieve this.

Deputy members


A vote for Alex is a vote for safer streets, a vote for equality, a vote for saving our planet. A vote for Alex is a vote for all.


I would like to be able to help make a change for young people with equality/equity, their mental health and the environment.


Children and teenagers deserve a say in the political world as we are the future adults and citizens of this country.


I want to aim to make life better for the younger and older generations. And generally, make it a better place for everyone.



I am determined to create a voice for people under 18 and make sure that their opinions are acted upon rather than ignored.


The home educated are an underrepresented community, it needs a voice. I would like to be the voice to raise awareness from this outlook.


I'm a local candidate who cares about our country and the issues that affect us young people in it.


I deem education as the most potent weapon for societal evolution, denying LGBTQ+ youth a secure environment is to deny us our right to help.


I’ll improve understanding of neurodiversity and push for resources young people need to improve their mental health and reach their potential.


I come from Immigrant parents and know how it feels to be different.


I want to aid in providing black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) students with enrichment opportunities and help them thrive in all aspects of life, irrespective of their background and personal situations.


I only want the best for young people like me, they deserve a safe place of equality in which they can thrive, no matter who they are.


I would use my role to represent the interests of black and other minority groups (BAME) and improve the community by making it more of a safe space for them.


My aim is to help support those who suffer with mental health issues that impact their wellbeing and everyday life.

Deputy members

Maddison J

I have loads of ideas about ways we can help the young children in need and the environment and I would like to do all that and more.


I have first hand experience and understanding on how having a disability can affect someone's life and mental health. I want to help.


There is discrimination in this world - it must end. I wish to represent all young people, listen to them and fight for what is right.


I think I would be a good person to talk about the rights of every young child and would like to speak with people who are in a hard situation.


I myself come from a different ethnicity and may suffer the same issues as some other people. Also, I respect people no matter who they are.

Tiyamike Inga

I want to represent the Immigrant black minority in my community.