Kent geography

There are approximately 1.7 million residents in the Kent and Medway area. Kent is divided into 12 local authority districts and Medway Unitary Authority. The Kent County Council area excludes Medway.

View Kent and Medway district areas on a map (PDF, 88.3 KB)

Each local authority and Medway Unitary Authority is further divided into civil parishes, electoral wards and electoral divisions.

Civil parishes

There are currently 309 civil parishes in the Kent County Council area and a further 11 in the Medway Unitary Authority area.

The current parish boundaries are presented in the Parish boundary reference maps (PDF, 589.9 KB).

Electoral wards

An electoral ward is a subdivision of a local authority, used to elect local councillors. There are a total of 271 electoral wards in the Kent County Council area and a further 22 electoral wards in the Medway Unitary Authority area.

Socio-economic profiles for all individual wards in Kent have been produced using data from the 2001 and 2011 Census and other sources. These ward area profiles provide good background information for local studies.

There were ward boundary changes in 3 local authorities in Kent in 2019. The current boundaries are presented in 2019 ward boundary changes in Kent (PDF, 723.4 KB) document.

Electoral divisions

Kent County Council is divided into 72 electoral divisions, which Kent County Councillors are elected to represent. View the maps of the 2017 County electoral divisions.

For information about Kent County electoral divisions and the councillors who represent them use our councillor search.

Ordnance Survey have an election maps website which gives more information about the electoral geography of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Information about the characteristics of the population within these areas are presented in the area profiles.

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