School crossing patrols

School Crossing Patrols are near schools or major road junctions to help pedestrians cross the road in the mornings and afternoons during the school term.

The patrols are managed by schools and we approve and monitor the sites. For any comments, compliments, or complaints about a particular crossing please contact the local school.

Read the School Crossing Patrol leaflet (PDF, 850.2 KB) from Road Safety GB for more information. 

Advice for parents

Parents are responsible for making sure their child is safe to and from school even if there is a School Crossing Patrol.

To keep your child safe please remember to:

  • wait at the kerb
  • don't follow the patrol into the road
  • only cross when the patrol tells you
  • always walk in front of the patrol.

Advice for drivers

School Crossing Patrols have a legal right to stop traffic for anyone who needs help crossing the road.

It is an offence to fail to stop when a School Crossing Patrol displays the stop sign. They have the same authority as a police officer to stop traffic.  Failing to stop puts vulnerable road users at risk and the Patrol staff are instructed to report any driver who fails to stop to the Police and this could result in prosecution. Read more about road users requiring extra care.

Remember when you approach a school:

  • slow down when you see a patrol warning sign or flashing lights and be prepared to stop
  • stop when the patrol is displaying the stop sign
  • be patient and do not move forward
  • do not park where the patrol works, on zig-zag lines or other areas with parking restrictions.

Advice for schools

Find out how schools and headteachers can apply for a new crossing and what the school responsibility is.