Try Angle Award finalists 2016

Try Angle Award 2016 nominees and winners

In August and September the first panel gave us our district and category winners and local assemblies and presentations happened across youth groups, schools and voluntary organisations.

At the second judging panel in September, judges chose the final 24 across Kent and Medway.

The final 24 ‘Spirit of Try Angle Finalists’ attended the county final on Sunday 20 November 2016 at the Ashford International Hotel, where the overall winner ‘The Spirit of Try Angle’ was announced by Lord Warden.

For further information or any queries about Try Angle Awards:

Maria Kelly 03000 410239 or email

Alternatively 03000 421406 or email

Try Angle is a registered charity no 1098547




Hannah Garrod – Gravesham
Jessica Redfearn – Ashford
Margaret Callow – Maidstone

Positive intervention

Bailey Skardon- Dover
Hannah Simmons – Canterbury
Ellie Ross –Thanet

Good friends and young carers

Jorja Cameron-Grimson – Shepway
Ashley James Jordan - Thanet
Rhys Hawley – Medway

Personal achievement in the arts

Shiann Williams - Dover
Aaron Taylor – Canterbury
Tammy Halsall – Swale

Personal achievement in music

Shannan Smith – Gravesham
Conner Woodcraft –Sevenoaks
Hayden Atkinson – Tonbridge & Malling

Personal achievement in sports

Toby Anderton – Dover
Rosanna Arnold – Maidstone
Madison Rowlands – Medway
Personal developmentKieran Judd – Sevenoaks
Oasis Academy Dementia Students - Swale
Connie Povey -  Medway

Community action

Dartford Young Gifted-  Dartford
Swanley Youth Forum – Sevenoaks
Callie-Marie Brighton – Swale

Kent district and category winners


ArtsAmber Pegden
MusicCharlotte Ridley
Sport or outdoor activitiesBeth Thornton
Community actionJordan Savegar
Good friends and young carersEleanor Burnaby-Rouse
Personal developmentCharlie Burgess
CourageJessica Redfearn
Positive interventionBen Pepper


ArtsAaron Taylor
MusicLance Guerzon
Sport or outdoor activitiesThe Canterbury High School Handball Team
Community actionC.A.Y.V Group
Good friends and young carersKieran Johnson
Personal developmentRebecca Clout
CourageLily Crane
Positive interventionHannah Simmons


ArtsMolly Smith
MusicEmmanuel Israel
Sport or outdoor activitiesMitchell Stevens
Community actionDartford Young Gifted Group
Good friends and young carersChloe Ferris
Personal developmentDanny Ludlow
CourageHarry Clancy
Positive interventionJack Schofield and Josh Light


ArtsShiann Williams
MusicLaila Chilton-Aziz
Sport or outdoor activitiesToby Anderton
Community actionKlub Ice T
Good friends and young carersLiana Harrison
Personal developmentMollie Brazier
CourageHarry Trew
Positive interventionBailey Skardon


ArtsMaxentia Hamilton
MusicShannan Smith
Sport or outdoor activitiesHannah Styles
Community actionCharlie Wilson
Good friends and young carersEllie Altringham
Personal developmentSophie Lauder
CourageHannah Garrod
Positive interventionJack Keys


ArtsEmily Cox
MusicDexter Williams
Sport or outdoor activitiesRosanna Arnold
Community actionHarley French
Good friends and young carersChelsea Duval
Personal developmentKatherine Crouch
CourageMargaret Callow
Positive interventionCaitlin Windless


ArtsAislinn Mills and Megan Shortland
MusicConner Woodcraft
Sport or outdoor activitiesNo sport nomination received
Community actionSwanley Youth Forum
Good friends and young carersLeanna Mitchell
Personal developmentKieran Judd
CourageRiley Killick-Hennessey
Positive interventionKane Foyle


ArtsJasie Hibberd
MusicZeena Walters
Sport or outdoor activitiesSilver Award Group – Highview School
Community actionOlivia Davies
Good friends and young carersJorja Cameron-Grimson
Personal developmentJack Savage
CourageJess Griffiths
Positive interventionJay Paul Baldwin


ArtsTammy Halsall
MusicOwen Leach
Sport or outdoor activitiesSegun Shodunke
Community actionCallie-Marie Brighton
Good friends and young carersMichael Charles
Personal developmentOasis Academy Dementia Students
CourageZoe Elliot-Whitehouse
Positive interventionFaith Peddie


ArtsToni Vass
MusicEllie-Maye Fox
Sport or outdoor activitiesBroadstairs Cricket Club – Under 13’s
Community actionAli Partridge
Good friends and young carersAshley James Jordan
Personal developmentCrystal Nazar
CourageChloe Goldfinch
Positive interventionEllie Ross

Tonbridge and Malling

ArtsTonbridge Girls Group
MusicHayden Atkinson
Sport or outdoor activitiesGeorge Rowe
Community actionLily Ebwerth
Good friends and young carersSaoirse Twomey
Personal developmentDarcey Tompsett
CourageRosalie Lambert
Positive interventionSAMAYS Youth Group

Tunbridge Wells

ArtsMegan Brown
MusicBand Night Group
Sport or outdoor activitiesMarshall Bourne
Community actionKeaton Smith
Good friends and young carersJack Jones
Personal developmentGary Drawbridge
CourageHarry Hawkins
Positive interventionTunbridge Wells Young Women’s Group


ArtsMonty Vick
MusicAlyx Hassain
Sport or outdoor activitiesMadison Rowlands
Community actionPhoebe French
Good friends and young carersRhys Hawley
Personal developmentConnie Povey
CourageAdella Turay
Positive interventionRobert Napier Drama Group