Try Angle Award finalists 2017

In August and September the first panel gave us our district and category winners and local assemblies and presentations happened across youth groups, schools and voluntary organisations.

At the second judging panel in September, judges chose the final 24 across Kent and Medway.

For further information or any queries about Try Angle Awards:

Try Angle is a registered charity no 1098547

Kent district and category winners


ArtsLuke Prowse
MusicNo nomination received
Sport or outdoor activitiesJosh Harris
Community actionJordan Savegar
Good friends and young carersJosie Martin
Personal developmentMolly Cleveland
CourageChanel Jade Alldis
Positive interventionJodie East


ArtsMegan Parker
MusicNo nomination received
Sport or outdoor activitiesTamara Fournillier-Onadeko
Community actionKeirney Oliver
Good friends and young carersEloise Maxted
Personal developmentChristopher Reily
CourageLucy Boyce
Positive interventionAdam Dyer


ArtsTaylor Hersey
MusicNo nomination received
Sport or outdoor activitiesChloe Sharp
Community actionMichael Lister
Good friends and young carersTessa Villiers
Personal developmentHolly Fraser
CourageMaddison Horn
Positive interventionJodie Groombridge


ArtsMatisse Donnelly
MusicJake Chapman
Sport or outdoor activitiesRachael Ellerby
Community actionElinor Haynes
Good friends and young carersAlfie Jones
Personal developmentNigel Potter and Joshua Johnson
CourageFelix Daglish
Positive interventionNatasha Gilmurray


ArtsNo nomination received
MusicHarrison Pettman
Sport or outdoor activitiesRhys Bonnel
Community actionAman Zahra
Good friends and young carersRosie Ravensdale
Personal developmentAnna Strutt
CourageVikram Singh
Positive interventionHarmony Champman


ArtsJosh Barnes
MusicTiffany Keeley
Sport or outdoor activitiesHamish Reilly
Community actionJoseph Peal
Good friends and young carersChristina Wootten
Personal developmentCourtney Symss
CourageGeorgia Almond
Positive interventionAngelica Keeley


ArtsNo nomination received
MusicNo nomination received
Sport or outdoor activitiesJack Richards
Community actionLewis Morris
Good friends and young carersElliot Charles
Personal developmentOlivia Williams
CourageShannon Wallis
Positive interventionRiley Moore


ArtsIvory Coast Class
MusicJayden Lewis
Sport or outdoor activitiesAdelaide Parker
Community actionEmily Capel
Good friends and young carersJessica Griffiths
Personal developmentFrancesca Aspey
CourageAlana Walkters
Positive interventionLewis Perry


ArtsKeylee Spillet
MusicRob Ayers
Sport or outdoor activitiesTierney Sharp
Community actionDaniel Davies
Good friends and young carersKieran Phillips-Gore
Personal developmentAlfie Lee
CourageAbigail Bolt-Mead
Positive interventionThe Abbey School Peer Mentors


ArtsPeter Adepoju
MusicElijah Akinfenwa
Sport or outdoor activitiesBroadstairs Cricket Club – Under 13’s
Community actionBrandon Wilkinson
Good friends and young carersJennifer Power
Personal developmentKristen Love
CourageCharlie Ivory
Positive interventionMargate Task Force

Tonbridge and Malling

ArtsNo nomination received
MusicNo nomination received
Sport or outdoor activitiesAlison Nassman
Community actionJade Watson
Good friends and young carersBo Buckley
Personal developmentJack Chaplin and  Jordan Stanley
CourageTia Burr
Positive interventionMayanne Friend

Tunbridge Wells

ArtsNo nomination received
MusicNo nomination received
Sport or outdoor activitiesBriceie Thomson
Community actionDaisy Faulkner-Smith
Good friends and young carersHonor Tress
Personal developmentCharlotte Dunn
CourageNo nomination received
Positive interventionShannon Skinner