Investigations and inquests in North West Kent

This area covers the district council areas of Dartford, Gravesham, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge & Malling (part), Tunbridge Wells.

Senior Coroner

Roger Hatch

Coroner's Officers

(Calls reporting a new death or relating to a current case.)

Telephone: 03000 41 05 02
Address: The Archbishops Palace, Mill Street, Maidstone, ME15 6YE
Office hours:  Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm

General enquiries

(General enquiries not related to an ongoing case or about a concluded case or related to treasure)

Telephone: 03000 41 05 03
Address: The Archbishops Palace, Mill Street, Maidstone, ME15 6YE
Office hours: Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm

The following listings are all provisional and may be subject to changes in date or time even at a late stage in proceedings. If you are intending to attend an inquest please check the listing the day before you are expecting the inquest to be heard for any revisions to time or date.

Inquests can also be listed at short notice and may not always appear on this page. If you are expecting an inquest to be listed and it does not appear on the page below please telephone or email the Coroner’s office using the contact details above.

TypeDateTimePlaceNameAge Date of death Place of death
Inquest17 January 201810:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneGladys Margrave8817 October 2017Tunbridge Wells Hospital
Inquest17 January 201811:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneFrederick Heaver8921 September 2017Darent Valley Hospital
Inquest22 January 201810:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneJennifer Lewis4531 July 2017Darent Valley Hospital
Inquest24 January 201810amThe Archbishop's Palace, Maidstone Thomas Greening2419 September 2017Darent Valley Hospital
Inquest24 January 201812pmThe Archbishop's Palace, Maidstone David Heaps556 October 2017Cobham
Inquest24  January 20181pmThe Archbishop's Palace, Maidstone Sajjan Gill826 October 2017Northfleet
Inquest24  January 20182pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneMichael Lane6915 October 2017Darent Valley Hospital
Inquest24  January 20183pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstonePeter Swainston8210 November 2017Tunbridge Wells Hospital
Inquest31 January 201811:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneMichael Barrett7820 October 2017Dartford
Inquest31 January 20182:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneDonald Izzard8824 November 2017Darent Valley Hospital
Inquest31 January 20183pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneMichael Beadle739 December 2017Ellenor Hospice
Inquest5 February 2018 10:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneMark Stokes523 December 2017 Tunbridge Wells
Inquest5 February 201811:15amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstonePeter Whittaker6926 December 2017 Hospice in the Weald
Inquest5 February 2018 11:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneGeoffrey Priest9212 November 2017Tunbridge Wells Hospital
Inquest7 February 201810:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneAbigail Harvey215 November 2017King's College Hospital
Inquest7 February 201811:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneSteven Jones5023 September 2017Hawkhurst
Inquest7 February 20181pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneKeith Beckett626 November 2017Longfield
Inquest21 February 201810:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneTony White3715 November 2017Gravesend
Inquest21 February 201811amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneJohn McMahon5216 November 2017Eynsford
Inquest21 February 201812pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneCarl Maynard2913 October 2017Tonbridge
Inquest21 February 20181:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneThomas Davis9210 January 2018Northfleet
Inquest28 February 201810:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneCallum Clark016 August 2017Tunbridge Wells Hospital
Inquest28 February 201810:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneClive Manktelow611 November 2017King's College Hospital
Inquest28 February 201812pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneMarie Fletcher557 October 2017Longfield
Inquest7 March 201811:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstonePaul Cowie5713 November 2017King’s College Hospital
Inquest7 March 201812:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneLeon Darling2022 November 2017A2 Dartford
Inquest7 March 20182pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneHenry Saunders5726 November 2017Gravesend
Inquest7 March 20182pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneMichael Matthews7023 September 2017Tunbridge Wells
Inquest7 March 20182:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneBen Cox3426 December 2017Gravesend
Inquest (provisional)4 April 201810:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneKenneth Henson8026 December 2017Sevenoaks
Inquest18 April 201810:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneWilliam Bass688 December 2017Sevenoaks
Inquest (provisional)18 April 20182:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneLara Calthrop1929 December 2017Tonbridge