Investigations and inquests in North East Kent

This area covers the district council areas of Canterbury (part), Dover (part) and Thanet.

Senior Coroner

Patricia Harding

Coroner's Officers

(Calls reporting a new death or relating to a current case.)

Telephone: 03000 41 06 03
Fax: 01843 601927
Office hours: Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm

General enquiries

(Calls not related to a case or about a concluded case.)

Telephone: 03000 41 06 04
Address: North East Kent Coroner, Aberdeen House, 68 Ellington Road, Ramsgate, Kent CT11 9ST
Fax: 01843 601927
Office hours: Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm

Announcements of Openings will be made prior to the start of Court proceedings.

Date Time Place Name Age Date of death Place of death
23 - 25 and 30 May 2017 10am The Guildhall, Sandwich Adrian Kevin Stroud 23 19 April 2015 Herne Bay
24 May 201710amCanterbury Magistrates CourtEdward West8831 January 2017Margate
24 May 201711:30amCanterbury Magistrates CourtLily Wright882 February 2017Margate
24 May 201712pmCanterbury Magistrates CourtThomas John Kennan7821 March 2017Deal
24 May 20172pmAberdeen House, Ramsgate Maria Charlotte Hill1061 March 2017Margate
24 May 20173pmCanterbury Magistrates CourtWilliam Frederick Milner9214 January 2017Canterbury
24 May 20174pmCanterbury Magistrates CourtElna Grant5910 March 2017Canterbury
26 May 2017 - pre inquest review 10:30am The Guildhall, Sandwich Paul Lee Chin 47 26 November 2015 Ashford
29 May 201710amAberdeen House, RamsgateSheila Marion Taylor8318 June 2015Ramsgate
30 May 201710amCanterbury Magistrates CourtMary Andrews5724 February 2017Margate
30 May 201711amMargate Magistrates CourtEugenia Annie Bailey9110 August 2016Margate
30 May 20172pmMargate Magistrates CourtJohn Arthur Clements8110 November 2016Margate
31 May 201710amCanterbury Magistrates CourtLesley Wiggins828 March 2017Margate
31 May 20172pmCanterbury Magistrates CourtGrant Flynn411 March 2017Broadstairs
31 May 20173:30pmCanterbury Magistrates CourtDeidre Ethel Darby812 February 2017Canterbury
5 - 8 June 2017 10:30am The Guildhall, Sandwich Diana Frances Eadie 56 15 June 2015 Canterbury
6 June 201710amMargate Magistrates Court Jay Atkin5425 August 2016Margate
6 June 20172pmMargate Magistrates CourtThomas Savage8131 October 2016Margate
6 June 20174:30pmMargate Magistrates CourtJohn Moffatt757 February 2017Margate
13 June 201710amMargate Magistrates CourtBeryl Betts7830 January 2017Margate
13 June 201711:30amMargate Magistrates CourtRobert Webster8410 April 2017Margate
13 June 201712pmMargate Magistrates CourtAda Heard932 November 2016Margate
13 June 20172pmMargate Magistrates CourtPatrick Nolan2913 June 2017Upper Harbledown
14 June 2017 11:30am Canterbury Magistrates Court William Dennis Romp 88 6 December 2016 Canterbury
14 June 20172pmCanterbury Magistrates Court Arturas Butkas3712 March 2017Manston
14 June 20173:30pmCanterbury Magistrates CourtGeorge Albert Edwards766 March 2017Margate
20 June 201710amMargate Magistrates CourtAndrew Patrick King5228 August 2016Chartham, Canterbury
20 June 201711:30amMargate Magistrates CourtIan Richard Highstead4324 October 2016Broadstairs
21 June 20172pmCanterbury Magistrates CourtLeslie Stuart Jones4222 January 2017Herne Bay
26 June 20172pmMargate Magistrates CourtMaureen Jean Jordison7928 June 2015Ramsgate
27 June 201710amMargate Magistrates CourtRodica Lucreteanu7226 April 2016Canterbury
4 July 201710:30amMargate Magistrates CourtMalcolm Sims7629 March 2017Margate
5 July 20172pmCanterbury Magistrates CourtChristopher Saxby7321 December 2016Ash
6 July 2017 - pre inquest review10amAberdeen House, RamsgateJohn Stirley Sadler6724 January 2015Margate
6 July 201711amAberdeen House, RamsgateAntra Apse5013 March 2017Margate
6 July 2017 - pre inquest review2pmAberdeen House, Ramsgate Kendall Reaves4614 December 2016Canterbury
10 - 12 July 2017 10am The Guildhall, Sandwich Linda Miriam Warren 74 23 September 2015 Margate
11 July 2017 - pre inquest review10amMargate Magistrates CourtSean Wilkes217 July 2013Folkestone
19 July 2017 - pre inquest review11:30amCanterbury Magistrates CourtWendy Sanders663 May 2017Ramsgate
26 July 2017 - pre inquest review10amCanterbury Magistrates CourtDeryck Jack Watson8527 April 2017Margate
8 - 10 August 2017 10am The Guildhall, Sandwich Enid Barbara Spry 93 16 September 2015 Canterbury
11 August 201710amThe Guildhall, Sandwich Terence McCann8231 January 2017Margate
25 - 27 September 201710amThe Guildhall, Sandwich Stuart John Harding Kent5019 September 2016Bossingham