Investigations and inquests in North East Kent

This area covers the district council areas of Canterbury (part), Dover (part) and Thanet.

Senior Coroner

Patricia Harding

Coroner's Officers

(Calls reporting a new death or relating to a current case.)

Telephone: 03000 41 06 03
Fax: 01843 601927
Office hours:  Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm

General enquiries

(Calls not related to a case or about a concluded case.)

Telephone: 03000 41 06 04
Address: North East Kent Coroner, Aberdeen House, 68 Ellington Road, Ramsgate, Kent CT11 9ST
Fax: 01843 601927
Office hours:  Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm

Announcements of Openings will be made prior to the start of Court proceedings.

DateTimePlaceNameAge Date of death Place of death
28 March 2017 - D.O.L.S inquest10amMargate Magistrates CourtEna Emily Budgen969 March 2017Margate
28 March 201712:30pmMargate Magistrates CourtMichael Claydon7615 December 2016Canterbury
28 March 2017 2pm Margate Magistrates Court Aurel Gapsa 37 1 January 2017 Ramsgate
28 March 20173:30pmMargate Magistrates CourtMalcolm Harris844 March 2017Canterbury
28 March 20174pmMargate Magistrates CourtBasil Waters9227 February 2017Canterbury
29 March 201712pmCanterbury Magistrates CourtAudrey Howes8025 February 2017Westgate-on-Sea
4 April 20172pmMargate Magistrates CourtArthur Darrell Joyce6229 November 2016Ramsgate
4 April 201711amMargate Magistrates CourtPeter Ronald Brooks9230 December 2016Canterbury
5 April 201710amCanterbury Magistrates CourtDeborah Dott5511 January 2017Ramsgate
11 April 201710amMargate Magistrates CourtGeoffrey Buckingham7614 February 2017Thanet
11 April 201710.30amMargate Magistrates CourtDenise Patricia Hutchings6929 June 2016Deal
11 April 201712:30pmMargate Magistrates CourtEdmund William Perry7916 December 2016Margate
18 April 201710amMargate Magistrates CourtSally Ann Dockerty6323 November 2016Broadstairs
18 April 201711:30amMargate Magistrates CourtJoyce Irene Coates785 December 2016Canterbury
18 April 201712:30pmMargate Magistrates CourtLeonard Albert Blackman8627 October 2016Ramsgate
18 April 20172pmMargate Magistrates CourtThomas George Hamell3417 November 2016Canterbury
18 April 20173:30pmMargate Magistrates CourtDavid Bamber3629 January 2017Broadstairs
24 to 28 April 2017 10am The Guildhall, Sandwich Andrew Jonathan Wilson 51 31 July 2015 Canterbury
25 April 201712pmMargate Magistrates CourtJuliet Clare Jackson5211 September 2016Canterbury
2 May 201710amMargate Magistrates CourtJean Dolding7723 August 2015Canterbury
2 to 3 May 2017 10am The Guildhall, Sandwich Frank Pickford 76 1 June 2016 Margate
8 to 12 May 201710amAberdeen House, RamsgateJean Dolding7723 August 2015Canterbury
22 - 24 May 2017 10am The Guildhall, Sandwich Adrian Kevin Stroud 23 19 April 2015 Herne Bay