Investigations and inquests in Mid Kent and Medway

This area covers the district council areas of Maidstone, Medway, Tonbridge & Malling (part), Swale (part).

Senior Coroner

Patricia Harding

Coroner's Officers

(Calls reporting a new death or relating to a current case.)

Telephone: 03000 41 05 02
Address: Coroner Service Team, Cantium House, Sandling Road, Maidstone, ME14 1XD
Office hours:  Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm

General enquiries

(General enquiries not related to an ongoing case or about a concluded case or related to treasure.)

Telephone: 03000 41 05 03
Address: Coroner Service Team, Cantium House, Sandling Road, Maidstone, ME14 1XD
Office hours:  Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm

Inquests for this area are normally held at Archbishops Palace, Maidstone unless stated otherwise.

The following listings are all provisional and may be subject to changes in date or time even at a late stage in proceedings. If you are intending to attend an inquest please check the listing the day before you are expecting the inquest to be heard for any revisions to time or date.

Inquests can also be listed at short notice and may not always appear on this page. If you are expecting an inquest to be listed and it does not appear on the page below please telephone or email general enquiries using the contact details above.

Type Date Time Place Name Age Date of death Place of death
Inquest26 March 201810:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneAndrirzej Kalicki561 August 2017East Church
Inquest26 March 20182pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneBrian Cavender717 January 2018Sittingbourne
Inquest27 March 201811amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneGladys Shorrock917 January 2018Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest27 March 20183pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneJohn Sandys9018 November 2017Hempstead
Inquest28 March 20182pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneAlfonso Finelli7029 November 2017Maidstone Hospital
Inquest3 April 201812:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneVictor Shipton6920 January 2018Gillingham
Inquest3 April 20183pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneJack Higgins7815 December 2017Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest9 April 201810:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneMildred Matete4513 December 2017East Peckham
Inquest9 April 201812pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneRichard Ormiston7416 January 2018Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest12 April 20183pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneEthan Ambrose-Shonk16 November 2017St George's Hospital
Inquest16 April 201810:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneBilly Brown3631 December 2017Maidstone
Inquest16 April 201811:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneJohn Butlin3731 December 2017Maidstone
Inquest16 April 201812:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneLouis Kevin Harrison2327 January 2018Sittingbourne
Inquest17 April 20182pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneJohn Murphy4928 December 2017Chatham
Inquest17 April 20182:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneJason Osborne4710 January 2018 Gillingham
Inquest19 April 201810:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneMiltred Matete4313 December 2017East Peckham
Inquest (provisional)23 April 201811amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneDoreen Stephens8410 January 2018Maidstone Hospital
Inquest (provisional)23 April 201812pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneWayne Chester5030 September 2017Kings Hospital
Inquest23 April 20181pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneTerence Young7328 February 2018Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest23 April 20183pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneKayleigh Millen1931 January 2018Gillingham
Inquest24 April 201810amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstonePhilip Wells-Pestell7619 October 2017Maidstone Hospital
Inquest (provisional)24 April 201810amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneDomenico Portelli8115 December 2017Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest24 April 201811amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneJohn Stewart796 December 2017East Peckham
Inquest24 April 20182pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneBrian Gray6715 June 2017Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest (provisional)30 April 201810amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneNorma Hysted7121 January 2018Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest30 April 20182pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneJonathon Lee Harris399 December 2017Rochester
Inquest30 April 20182:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneCatriona Cochrane4316 December 2017Maidstone
Inquest1 May 201811amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneMartin Sawyer531 January 2018Chatham
Inquest1 May 201812:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneAlan McWhinnie409 February 2018London Bound Carriageway
Inquest1 May 201812:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneColin Mark Jackson491 February 2018Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest2 May 201810amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneStephen Begley4210 September 2017Singapore
Inquest5 May 20182pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneDerek Foreman8020 January 2018Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest8 May 201811:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneGary Vyse3712 February 2018Rochester
Inquest10 May 201812pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneFlorence Bridges9223 January 2018Maidstone Hospital
Inquest21 May 201810amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneSybil Mason904 February 2018Wisdom Hospice
Inquest21 May 201812pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneGary Carl Ikin533 March 2018Maidstone
Inquest21 May 20182pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneAlan McEvoy3718 December 2017Gillingham
Inquest21 May 20183pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneStephen German363 January 2018Maidstone
Inquest22 May 201810amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneBenjamin James Johnson441 February 2018M2/ Rochester
Inquest22 May 201810amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneJack Higgins7815 December 2017Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest5 June 201812:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneElizabeth Clements3727 November 2017Chatham
Inquest18 June 201810:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneStephen Fosbraey5227 February 2018Sittingbourne
Inquest9 July 20182pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneThomas Field3010 March 2018Sittingbourne
Inquest23 July 201810:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneEdwin Gallienne7614 January 2018Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest20 August 201810:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneMohammed Dauhoo711 January 2018Eastchurch