Your Mind Plan video transcript

This video transcript is for the Your Mind Plan video.

[Title card] Mind Plan Explainer.

[Narrator speaks over changing graphics representing human figures appearing to be lost] When thinking about managing our mental health, it can be tricky to find the time or know where to start. Empower your community to feel more in control with a free Every Mind Matters Mind Plan.

[Image changes to a computer showing the logos of Every Mind Matters and NHS on a computer screen]

The Mind Plan is a NHS approved online tool you can offer to provide a personalised plan in under five minutes. It offers easy practical tips from clinical experts, helping users deal with stress and anxiety, low mood and poor sleep. Here’s how the mind plan works.

[Image shows a mobile phone displaying the Get Your Mind Plan quiz]

Users go to the Better Health Every Mind Matters website and answer five quick questions about how they’re feeling, and then ask to receive their personalised plan via email. They can also sign up for a four week email programme with mental health reminders and links to extra online support.

[Image changes to show the desktop view of the Every Mind Matters website. The user is scrolling through the various tools available]

Users can also swap out any tips that they don’t feel are relevant to them, helping personalise their mental health routine. With over 4.2 million completed, why not offer your community a Better Health Every Mind Matters Plan today.

[Closing title card shows Better Health and NHS logo]