Transcript for What the Bump advisor video

A One You Kent advisor goes to the home of a pregnant woman. They are in the living room talking.

One You Kent advisor: By having really informed conversations with these pregnant women, it is a very emotional conversation, and it does sometimes result in tears, but the positive message that comes back from it is that the pregnant mum can make a more informed choice from that information, that is now being shared.

Mum: I said to her, "I want to stop but I don't think I will" and she explained everything that it does to the baby and I stopped straight away. I didn't have a cigarette at all, I stopped instantly and it made me feel so good because I thought "I can't wait until she comes again and I can tell her that I haven't done it [smoked]". And she checks your carbon monoxide levels every time she comes and mine started as an 8, which was a 16 for the baby because it's doubled for them, and when she came round the second time it was a 2. So I was really proud and kind of excited to tell her how well I had done.

[Title card] What the Bump? Talk to your midwife.

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