Quit smoking

Join the thousands around the country who are quitting for their health and their families. Find out more about the Better Health campaign.

The One You Kent service can also support you.

If you are already quitting with our help, our trained advisors will continue to support you by telephone or video call.

If you are thinking about quitting, we can offer telephone or video support. Get started today - fill in a referral form and a friendly advisor will call you to talk through the options in your area.

Pledge to become a smoke free home

We’re also encouraging residents to pledge to protect themselves and their children from the dangers of secondhand smoke in the home.

Tips include setting a date for when your house will become smoke free, hold a family meeting to ask everyone for support and set up a place outside for people to smoke.

Get started today.

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Stop smoking medication

You can even get stop smoking medication such as patches, gum or tablets on prescription – if you don’t pay for your prescriptions then they are free!

Quitting when pregnant

If you’re pregnant you can get specialist help and support to help you to go smoke free, including home visits in some areas. We won’t judge you, or lecture you, we’re here to help.

Read about quitting smoking when pregnant

We know that quitting smoking can be tough, but if you're ready there's lots of support and advice to help you stop for good.

What happens when you quit

If you can stay smoke free for 28 days you're 5 times more likely to quit for good.

No matter how long you've smoked for, quitting can improve your health straight away. Changes begin within 48 hours, just take a look at what happens once you put out that final cigarette.

Stub out and see the benefits

Success stories

Using quit clubs and support has helped lots of people to stop. Read about what’s helped them stop, how their health has improved and the money they’ve saved.