Heatwave - tips and advice for staying safe in a heatwave video transcript

This is the transcript for the video that is on the keeping cool in hot weather page.

Caption: Dr Anjan Ghosh, Director of Public Health, Kent County Council.

Caption: Heat health alert!

Dr Anjan Ghosh, Director of Public Health for KCC stands in a park, trees and blue skies are in the background on a clear sunny day.

Dr. Ghosh: "Hi, my name is Anjan Ghosh, I’m the Director of Public Health in Kent County Council.

As you can see we are in the middle of a heatwave and I’m here to give you some tips about staying healthy and safe despite the heat.

It boils down to three things: keep cool, stay hydrated and be prepared.

In terms of keeping cool, avoid direct sunlight, stay in the shade, keep your house cool by drawing the blinds when direct sunlight is coming in. When it’s cooler outside open the doors and windows.

In terms of hydration, make sure you take water frequently and other fluids, to stay topped up.

In terms of being prepared, avoid travelling outside if it’s really hot. If you must travel then be prepared. Take some water with you, wear sunscreen, have sunglasses to use and wear comfortable, loose clothing.

The other thing that you need to do in terms of being prepared is to look out for others. Check on your relatives, check on your friends, check on your neighbours, especially if they’re vulnerable and older because they’re more susceptible to extremes of temperature, particularly heat and cold."

Title card: Keep Cool in Kent.