Heatwave - Keep Cool in Kent video transcript

This is the transcript for the video that is on the keeping cool in hot weather page.

In the corner of the screen there is a red box saying “Health Alert!” that remains for the whole video.

A mum and daughter are walking across a park on a sunny day wearing summery clothes and carrying a picnic bag.

The mum and daughter are now sitting under a tree on a picnic blanket. The mum is spraying sunscreen onto her daughter’s arms, face and ears and putting it on her own face.

Caption: Apply sunscreen. Showing a tube of 30+SPF sunscreen icon.

They then get out a bottle of water and both have a drink.

Caption: Stay hydrated. Showing a glass of water icon.

The mum puts a hat on her daughter’s head, and they are eating some blueberries while sitting under the tree.

Caption: Keep out of the sun. With umbrella icon.

Title card: Keep Cool in Kent. www.kent.gov.uk/heatwave