Heatwave - checking on vulnerable residents video transcript

This is the transcript for the video that is on the keeping cool in hot weather page.

Caption: Dr Anjan Ghosh, Director of Public Health, Kent County Council.

Caption: Heat health alert!

Dr Anjan Ghosh, Director of Public Health for Kent County Council stands in a park, trees and blue skies are in the background on a clear sunny day.

Dr Ghosh: Hi, my name is Anjan Ghosh, I’m the Director of Public Health for Kent County Council and I’m here to give you a few hints and tips on how to prepare yourself for the weather.

So as you can see it’s beautiful weather out here and it’s going to get warmer hopefully.

When things do get warmer people who are older, people who are vulnerable, are more susceptible to changes in temperature. So, for example, they’ll feel hotter when it’s hot, they’ll feel colder when it’s cold. So really it’s about making sure people you know, and yourselves, are protected.

Firstly check on your neighbours, friends relatives who might be vulnerable or elderly. For people in those situations, there are three key pieces of advice. Stay cool, stay hydrated and be prepared.

In order to stay cool, avoid the heat, avoid direct sunlight, stay in the shade. Make sure your house is cool, that’s by proper ventilation, putting down the blinds when there’s too much sun coming in.

Stay hydrated means taking lots of water, plenty of fluids, just to make sure you don’t feel too hot.

And the last thing is to be prepared, so if there are people who need medication, make sure they are stocked and they have them in place.

For any further information check the council website.

Title card: Keep Cool in Kent.