Get moving

Taking more exercise is the best thing you can do for both your body and your mind.

Ideas to get active

Get happy, get healthy, get active. No matter how well you do it, how you look or even how red your face gets you will feel rewarded! Take our quick quiz to find an activity you'll love.

There are leisure centres and sports facilities, as well as free outdoor gym equipment for you to use.

Try fun and easy ways for you to involve your family in getting active. You could even set up a walking bus to make the journey to school healthier and more environmentally friendly.

Look for groups at your local community centre or activities advertised in local magazines such as chair based exercise and Zumba classes. Contacting a lifestyle advisor can help you find what’s right.

If you have more time to enjoy the great outdoors, you could:

Try cycling

We offer cycle training courses for all abilities, whether you’ve never ridden a bike or you’re a more experienced cyclist.

The Cycle to Work scheme provides support and advice to help set you up for commuting by bike.

Try walking

Join a local health walk to get more active and meet new people.

Search the Walking for Health website for a group near you.

Regular exercise can keep you feeling happier and healthier.

Support to get moving

Exercise programmes

If you have a long-term condition or are recovering from illness or injury, and want help to get more active, you could get an exercise referral. This is a personalised, structured activity programme delivered by qualified instructors to help you get active. You will need to be referred to this programme by your GP or other health professional.

Lifestyle advisors

We can offer you up to 6 free, one-to-one sessions to support you to make small lifestyle changes that can make a big difference to your health.

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