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Many people don't know how much they drink and how it might be affecting their health, work and relationships. Do you? Take the quiz below to discover your score and find ways to cut down.

Alcohol units explained

In the quiz you will be asked about how any units of alcohol you drink. To help answer these questions here is a guide.

1 unit of alcohol is:

  • 218ml (less than half a pint) of standard 4.5% cider
  • 76ml (less than half a glass)  of standard 13% wine
  • 25ml (a small measure) of 40% whiskey
  • 250ml (about half a pint) of standard 4% beer
  • 250ml (just less than the full bottle) standard 4% alcopop.
Graphic to show how much one unit of alcohol is in different drinks. 218ml, a pint glass less than half full, standard 4.5% cider. 76ml a wine glass less than half a full, standard 13% wine. 25ml, a small measure in a whiskey glass, 40% whiskey. 250ml, a pint glass about half full, standard 4% beer. 250ml, an alcopop bottle nearly full, standard 4% alcopop.

Graphic showing the quantity of different drinks that are one unit of alcohol.