How we carry out pothole repairs

Kent's roads are some of the busiest in England. We want to make sure any disruption to you is minimal while we are repairing potholes.

We aim to make a permanent and high-quality repair. To do this, we cut out a part of the road around the hole. We then remove the old material and fill it with new tarmac. If a road has lots of potholes, we may need to complete a larger patch or resurface the entire section.

By planning the repair of the potholes with contractors, it cuts the cost compared to repairing all potholes at once, regardless of the urgency.

Repairing potholes

Watch our video to hear from Alan Casson, our Strategic Asset Manager, about how they work.

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Repairing potholes - video transcript

Or check out our other videos to see how we repair larger potholes with machines, or repairing pothole by hand.

Emergency repairs

For emergency potholes, we may repair the pothole by filling it in quickly. This allows us to make the road safe. We will then schedule a full repair to prevent potholes from forming in the future.

Road closures

To repair a pothole, we will often need to close part of the road or the full road. This helps us to keep you and our crews safe.

Before the works start, we will contact you to let you know in advance if the works may disrupt your community.

During the works, it may be noisy due to the machinery we are using. You may also hear warning reversing sirens, along with flashing beacons. This is a health and safety requirement and cannot be turned off. We will try our best to keep the disruption to a minimum.

However, in emergencies, works may happen at short notice, and it may not be possible to tell you in advance.