Our climate emergency performance

We monitor our use of energy in order to understand where we can be more efficient and reduce our carbon emissions. A full performance report is produced quarterly and we have provided a snapshot of some of the numbers below.

Energy consumption

  • Electricity: 35,041 MWh (12 monthly rolling data for January to December 2020)
  • Gas: 19,781 MWh (12 monthly rolling data for January to December 2020)

This data is for the Kent County Council (KCC) corporate estate that includes:

  • street lighting
  • highways assets
  • signals and displays
  • KCC buildings
  • Commercial Services.

We do not purchase energy using a green energy tariff, as we prefer to invest directly in renewable energy projects within Kent.

Energy generation

We have installed solar panel arrays on 11 KCC buildings so far. Our most recent installation included placing 1,300 of these panels on 5 buildings in Spring 2020, which saves 86 tonnes of carbon emissions a year. This is equivalent to taking 20 cars off the road! Our next installation is due to be completed by the end of 2021 and consists of 687 panels to be installed on another 5 KCC buildings.

We have also identified potential for building or purchasing large solar parks, to further provide KCC with renewable energy. Solar arrays of this size will contribute significantly to our energy use and our overall reduction in carbon emissions.

Solar Array Generation to Date (June 2021):

BuildingInstallation dateGeneration to date  (kWh)
Worrall HouseSpring 2020154,690
Swale Mash (Green Banks)Spring 202035,439

Thanet Mash (Orchards)

Spring 202036,476
Dartford Bridge Community CampusSpring 2020Not available yet
The Swattenden CentreSpring 2020Not available yet
The Eden Centre2013167,401
Broadmeadow Care Centre2012121,621
Ashford Highways Office2012121,040
Invicta House2012369,036
Swanscombe Children’s CentrePre-201255,002
Blossoms Children’s CentrePre-2012Not available yet

Total emissions*

We endeavour to keep this information up to date, however due to reporting timescales, this data may differ from the latest KCC quarterly performance report.

  • Total tCO2e - 25,186.80 (12 monthly rolling data for January to December 2020).
  • Total tCO2e per FTE - 3.46 (12 monthly rolling data for January to December 2020).
  • Variance % since baseline (2015) - 44% reduction (based on KCC action only, excludes decarbonisation of grid supplied energy).

*Data taken from the LASER GHG Report 2020-21 Q3. Includes street lighting, highways assets, signals and displays, Commercial Services and KCC buildings including leased buildings, fleet vehicles and KCC business mileage. Emissions calculated using data for electricity, gas, heating fuels, fleet fuels and business mileage.