Post 16 transport policies

There have been significant changes to the Post 16 Home to School transport policy for the 2024-25 academic year. Please ensure you read the policy before submitting your application.

The Kent County Council Post 16 Transport Policy allows schools, colleges and training providers to secure a KCC 16+ Travel Saver for their students to use on all registered public service bus routes in Kent. The Post 16 Transport Policy applies to all families, including those who have recently moved to Kent from the Ukraine.

The subsidised pass will be available to schools, colleges and training providers for an annual fee of £600 and can be further subsidised by them for their registered students.

It is expected that providers who have benefited from the Government's new 16 - 19 bursary scheme can use elements of this funding to support the cost of their students travel. Learners who feel that they would benefit from such support should discuss this with their learning provider directly, before applying to KCC for a 16+ Travel Card.

If bus travel is not the most appropriate form of transport for a learner, it will be up to the learning provider to facilitate an alternative. Where required, KCC will continue to act as a broker to procure other transport at attractive rates, as a paid-for service to learning providers.

Any learner in education or training who is not eligible for a contribution from their provider or employer would pay the full cost of the 16+ travel card at £600.

Home to school or college transport for students with special educational needs

Students who have an Education Health and Care Plan and are continuing their education by attending a college, school or learning establishment can firstly apply for a KCC 16+ Travel saver.

If, however, the young adult has mobility problems or disabilities that would inhibit their ability to access public transport, they can approach Kent County Council for subsidised support. We will assess the student's application and if the student is eligible to receive transport assistance, there are several options that can be considered:

  1. We will initially consider travel training.
  2. We may consider providing transport directly where there is a particular need and/or disability.
  3. We may consider granting a student a personal transport budget.

For students aged 16 to 19, transport will cost the same as a 16+ Kent Travel Saver and can be paid in 3 termly instalments. There is no cost for post-19 students.

Transport assistance to college is only provided at the beginning and end of the academic day. The beginning and end of the academic day is determined by the times of the first programmed educational lesson delivered during normal college hours, and the end of the last programmed lesson during normal college hours. It is the responsibility of the college to make appropriate provision for learners to remain safely on site if they do not have lessons for the full day.

Read our transport policy for more information.

Travel by train

If your commute involves a train journey, there is a 16 to 17 Saver railcard available on the National Rail website.