Child speech, language and communication resources

Book a face-to-face visit with a professional or discover lots of places with information to help with your child’s speech and language development.

Family Hubs

Your local Family Hub has groups to support your child’s developing speech and language. These include:

  • baby massage classes
  • messy play
  • stay and play
  • baby sign
  • music and movement.

Find out more on our page for your local Family Hub.

Health visiting

Ask your local health visiting team any questions about your child’s speech and language development.

Contact health visiting teams by telephone, text or email on the Kent Community Health website for quick answers or a face-to-face chat.

Health clinics

Child health clinics are run by your local health visiting team. You can get advice, information and support for you and your child's health and development. Most clinics allow you to just drop in, but some will need you to book an appointment.

Visit the Kent Community Health website to arrange face-to-face support.

Early years settings

You might have concerns about your child while they are at an early years setting, such as a nursery, pre-school, or childminder.  Speak to the staff about your child’s development. The staff will support your child’s communication and interaction needs using the best practice guidance for early years. They may also have staff trained to deliver specific programmes or interventions for speech, language and communication, such as Early Talk Boost.

Speech and language therapy services

Speech and language therapy services offer a range of support. Find the service for your area below.

Information and resources

Find more help and support resources:

Special educational needs

You may need extra support if you are caring for a child or young person with a disability, or who requires additional help with learning. Sometimes a child may have special educational needs (SEN). Learn more about types of special educational needs if you think your child may need extra help.

Get support on our SEND Information Hub for children or young people with special educational needs and disabilities, or SEND, including: