Dungeness Nuclear Power Station emergency plan


Alongside other local partners, we are responsible for planning what steps will be initiated in the event of a radiation emergency at Dungeness Nuclear Power Station.

Our partners include:

  • EDF Energy, the station operator
  • Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE)
  • Office for Nuclear Registration
  • Local district councils.

These documents collectively outline the agreed approach to dealing with a radiation emergency at the station.

If you require these documents in a different format such as a printed copy, or in a language other than English, follow our alternative formats process.


Consequence report (PDF, 334.3 KB)
Provided by EDF Energy, this explains the possible radiation hazards, and outcomes, to help us plan the emergency response.

Detailed Emergency Planning Zone (PDF, 824.4 KB)
Map of the 2.4km emergency zone surrounding Dungeness B.

Dungeness B off-site emergency plan (PDF, 2.6 MB)
Describes our response, and how we will work with other organisations in the event of a nuclear emergency

Outer Planning Zone (OPZ) off site emergency plan (PDF, 11.3 MB)
Actions to be taken for residents, businesses and agriculture within a 30 to 45 kilometre zone.