Accommodation Strategy for Adult Social Care

Better Homes: Greater Choice

This strategy identifies how the provision, demand and aspiration for housing, care and support services will be met for adult social care clients should they need to move to access care. Our vision is that people should live independently in their own home receiving the right care and support. However, if that option is no longer suitable, the right accommodation solutions have to be in the right places across the county, and they have to be the right type, tenure and size. This vision is coupled with improved commissioning of services across each of the six adult social care client groups.

We have a statutory responsibility to fund people who are eligible for care services and it has become essential to agree a strategic direction and provide clear market positions statements to all providers who want to work and develop in Kent.

Social care, along with health, is experiencing unprecedented change and will face many challenges in future. The foundation of this strategy is the necessity to form partnerships and work coherently to ensure that the current and future needs of the clients eligible for services are met, providing clients with greater choice and access to high quality housing and care home accommodation.

The development of this Accommodation Strategy will complement district and borough housing strategies and will ensure that all future provision delivered is co-ordinated, mapped and sustainable.

Accommodation maps have been developed by district and client groups detailing the current supply of accommodation against deprivation.

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