Report flooding

Depending on the type of flooding, you need to let different people know.

Road and public drain flooding

We are responsible for dealing with road flooding and flooding from public drains.

Call us on 03000 41 81 81 if you see dangerous flooding on a road or the flood is putting homes at risk.

The more information we have when flooding is reported, the quicker we can identify the correct course of action. Actions we could take include:

  • putting out flood warning signs to advise drivers of the hazard
  • clear the flood water with a large tanker
  • provide people with sandbags to stop the water getting into their property.

If a drain is blocked but is not causing dangerous flooding, it will be cleansed as part of our scheduled cleaning programme.

Report a road or drain flood

Sewer flooding

Sewer flooding is the responsibility of your water or sewerage company.

Find your water and sewerage company

Private drain flooding

Private drains are the responsibility of the homeowner/ occupier.

Your local water company or drainage contractors will fix the damage for a fee.

Burst water main

Flooding from a burst water main is the responsibility of your water and sewerage company.

Find your water and sewerage company

Main river or sea flooding

Call the Environment Agency incident hotline to report flooding from a main river or the sea on 0800 80 70 60.

Sign up for flood warnings

House flooding

Any flood damage in a home is the responsibility of the homeowner or occupier.