Report a problem on a right of way

11 to 17 October 2018: the public right of way mapping tool is currently unavailable, however you can report any enquiries via our online form. You won't be able to track existing enquiries during this time.

We aim to inspect or start taking action as below:

  • public safety issues likely to result in accident or injury (such as open excavations, dangerous trees, and dangerous structures) within 1 day
  • matters with legal deadlines (such as construction work that could lead to damage to a path and would be harder to fix at a later date) within 5 days.

We prioritise repairs according to local needs and our obligations as the highway and access authority.

How long it takes us depends on what the problem is and how easily we can find out who owns the land and who's responsible for it. It also depends on  our operational priorities (PDF, 188.4 KB) and resources.

If there is a problem on a path please let us know.

This includes:

  • broken stiles
  • overgrown vegetation or fallen trees
  • damaged or dangerous path surfaces
  • damaged or missing signposts

In an emergency (something which can cause an injury or accident) call us on 03000 41 71 71 (Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm).

Please submit a separate report for each individual problem. This helps us to identify and inspect the correct location and update you on progress more accurately.

Flytipping should be reported to your local district or borough council.

To find out how we use your personal information, read our privacy notice.

Report a problem

Due to the mapping tool being unavailable, you won't be able to track any enquiries from 11 to 17 October. We apologise for any inconvenience occurred.