Your rights in the workplace video transcript

Video transcript for the your rights in the workplace video.

If you are disabled or have a long-term health condition, you have the right to ask for simple changes to support you at work.

These changes to your working arrangements or environment are called reasonable adjustments.

So what might these changes look like?

Asking for a job application form to be made available in a different format, like large print.

Getting permission to travel to and from work outside of rush hour or working from home.

Having a quiet space to work within an open-plan office.

Asking for a mentor or work buddy to give support and guidance.

Moving office furniture or changing the desk height, for example if you are a wheelchair user.

Asking for assistive equipment like an adapted keyboard.

Booking a British Sign Language interpreter to offer you support in meetings.

Most of these changes are easy to set up and some changes cost nothing.

Your employer must pay for this and may be able to get help from the government's Access to Work scheme.

Talk to your manager about what changes can be made.

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