Why Reese likes going to college - video transcript

Transcript video for why Reese likes going to college.

[Video starts with ambient music throughout]

Reese is working at his computer in college, being supported by staff members.

The video transitions to Reese sat in the corner classroom being interviewed about his college life. Where it flicks between the corner of the classroom and the computer classroom.

Reese: “The course, the staff they’ve been a real benefit to me. In like 6 years, I'll be more confident, look after myself a bit more and actually make great friends. The first year here I've met one friend during Level 2 maths and he got me to meet some of his friends who we just got on and in like 6 years we’ve just got closer and we still talk pretty much all time, every week, non stop.”

Interviewer off camera: “Have you had lots of career guidance?”

Reese: “Yes, like CV’s, finding jobs, apprenticeships, drug awareness. A whole lot in one.”

Interviewer off camera: “Do you have a member of staff that supports you in particular?” [The video changes to a female staff member showing Reese how to do some work on the computer]

Reese: “Yeah, she's the best one I’ve had in six years. I cannot ask. For a better one.”

Interviewer off camera: “What does she support you with?”

Reese: “With my health, to learn, make new friends. She’s been the best.”

Reese is looking at the camera and smiling, whilst sitting in front of computer screen.

[Video ends].