Why Charlie likes going to college - video transcript

Transcript video for why Charlie likes going to college.

[Video starts with ambient music throughout]

Charlie is working at in a building site in college. He is wearing a yellow high visibility jacket and is pushing a wheelbarrow filled with stones and bricks.

The video transitions to Charlie standing in a classroom with his female mentor as she discusses Charlie.

Female member of staff: "So Charlie's been very keen to come on to an internship programme. He has a really strong motivation for employment being his next step in life. "

Video moves back onto Charlie working in the building site, he is now picking up bricks and moving them to the wheelbarrow as the member of staff is talking over the film.

Female member of staff: "We have managed to put together an internship where he's on a rotation in areas of interest that he might like to pursue work in."

Video takes us back to Charlie standing in the classroom next to the member of staff. She is facing Charlie, nodding as she is going through a list she is talking about.

Female member of staff: "So we're doing construction, facilities in ICT and you like to be really helpful, don't you? In those different areas?"

Charlie is now in a classroom on his own sitting down talking to the camera.

Charlie: "It gives you purpose like and gives me like the opportunity to like do each thing every single day. I will, I recommend it because it's a good college. They give you more freedom and more space."

The video shows you the front of Mid Kent College and back to Charlie working in the building site.

Charlie: "You can make friends. You can make staff laugh, joke with the staff. There's more freedom than the old school. Quite hard at first because I didn't really nobody. I didn't really know anyone in this college and I was all alone at first. Now I’ve got my mates."

Back to the classroom with the female member of staff and Charlie standing next to each other.

Female member of staff: "So I support Charlie by companying him currently all the time that he's in these rotations and together we're learning the job tasks. And as Charlie really gets to grips with the tasks involved and needs me less, he'll do more and I will do less."

Charlie is looking at the camera and smiling, with the building site in the background.

[Video ends].