Visibility cutting - video transcript

[Caption] Soft landscapes - Visibility cutting

A member of our highways team explains what visibility cutting is.

Team member: "The idea of visibility cutting is, if you can see behind me, you've got to bend down there on the left hand side, you can see the grass gets a lot, lot taller, which blocks the visibility coming down to the bend. Therefore by cutting it, opens the visibility up and makes the road safer for the traffic to go on down through.

There's various visibilities on junctions and places along there that we have to do, and S-bends. There are little side lanes, as well as smaller roads that have got visibility on junctions. You could get to a T-junction, there could be a triangle on the junction that needs strimming and mowing out to make the visibility better.

There could be a junction that's got a wider verge on the left-hand side than on the right-hand side to pull out on, that you know are in the same situation. These cuttings make the visibility better."

The team member points to a road sign.

Team member: "Well the idea of this sign is, as you can see, it's a low sign to the ground which is about a foot off the ground. So you can obviously see that once the grass grows up you can't see 'Ashford A28' or 'High Halden'.

We mow up to them, probably leave a  couple of foot round them, and then and then a guy comes up and strims completely around the side so it's all visible and free from vegetation. So that yeah, it looks nice, neat, clean, tidy, so that the sign is in full view for the public."