Urban grass - video transcript

[Caption] Soft landscapes - Urban grass

A member of our our highways team explains how we cut grass on the side of roads.

Team member: "The crew is built up of 3 operatives; the blower operative, strimmer operative, and the person that's on the mower.

What happens is the first person is on the mower, for example that's me today. They will cut the grass with either a rotary deck, or flower deck, depending on the length of grass.

What you'll then see is the strimmer operative; they will follow usually within 5 to 10 minutes, and they will be strimming around bins, lamp posts, adjacent to the walls, just to tidy the area.

You'll then see the blower operative follow, again approximately 5 minutes later, and their role would be to blow the footways, the roads, and also any grass that's on the cars.

We have a specification to meet. The general spec is you must cut the grass to 50 millimeters. Blowing wise you must clear the footway and the road otherwise there's a slip hazard. As long as the grass is even and the grass cuttings, we don't collect them, we have to spread them evenly across the area. It's all about really getting a nice finish, a nice flat finish as best we can."