Shrubs and hedges - video transcript

[Caption] Soft landscapes - Shrubs and hedges

A member of our highways team explains our shrub cutting process.

Team member: "What we do is maintain the shrubs in order to ensure that the year's growth is cut back. We will cut back 300 millimeters, which is about a ruler's length, from the edge of the curb.

If there's a wall or a fence adjoining that shrub, we will also cut back there just to ensure your property is not damaged. In terms of inside the shrub bed we will remove the bramble, the weeds, anything self-sown, and any litter. So at the end of the day it should look pretty smooth and cut back tight so in the next year it's not going to grow and cause an issue to the highways.

Sometimes if the shrub is pulling out on a junction we will lower the height of the shrub just so you can see the road clearly and there's no issues with the cars.

So the shrub program runs throughout the year, so some some roads will be selected at the start of the program, some won't be until later in the year near Christmas time. So please don't feel that we've missed your shrub if we haven't arrived by later in the year, it's probably scheduled.

If you pull into the road and you see clippings or general cuttings along the road, please do try to slow down because they've got the ear defenders on and won't necessarily see you. Keep to five miles an hour...that would be appreciated."