Recycling cars video transcript

Video transcript for the recycling cars video on how we recycle your waste page.

Inside a car workshop, a white car is raised up and a man has some tools and is working on the car.

[Title Card] Kent Councils working together

Another car is brought into the workshop on a fork lift truck. And tools are being used to take the wheels off the car.

Voiceover: Here in Kent we recycle and re-use as much as possible, even cars.

[Title card] Recycle your car.

Voiceover: Abandoned or unrepairable cars can be sold to an authorised treatment facility regulated by the environment agency, like this one in Thanet.

Outside there is a yard with lots of old cars being stored, and another one is moved by fork lift truck into the workshop. A man looking around the car holding a clipboard and writing on it.

Voiceover: A legal certificate of destruction is produced and recorded for each car recycled. Each car undergoes a recycling process when it arrives. First depollution happens, with all the liquid drained from the vehicle such as the oil, petrol and water.

There is a large container under the car and the liquids are draining out into the container.

A man is working on another car, taking parts off it.

Voiceover: Metals and other materials such as plastics are also separated.

Outside in the yard there is a large machine to crush the cars, and metal parts are being lifted out of the machine.

Voiceover: After being depolluted, the cars are either crushed and baled ready to be recycled or stored safely off-road at the breakers yard.

There are long lines of cars at the breakers yard.

Voiceover: The metal bales are re-used by the vehicle industry.

A machine is moving the bales of crushed car parts to a different part of the yard.

Voiceover: Re-usable parts of the car can be re-sold, including the tyres if they are of good quality.

There are lots of tyres stacked up in the yard in front of the cars.

Voiceover: Recycled tyres become rubber granules, which are then used to make bases for children’s playgrounds. If the tyres can’t be re-sold, they are recycled at a separate recycling facility.

Machinery is moving the cars around the breakers yard.

Voiceover: There’s no need to abandon a car if it no longer works. Call a breakers yard where it can be recycled. If you see an abandoned vehicle, you can report it to your local authority. Check their website for details.

Title card: recycle your car. Keep Kent Clean logo and Kent County Council logo.