Northfleet School video transcript

Caption: Northfleet School for Girls.

Andy Jarrett, the facilities manager, talks to us about his school's solar panel project.

As he speaks, statistics appear on screen:

  • 681 solar panels installed across the school roof.
  • 30% of the school's energy is provided by solar panels.

We have already seen the data that is being collected. It is available throughout the school.

We have been embarking, over the last 3 to 4 years, on a project to look at reducing the running costs of the school and the most logical step was the installation of solar panels.

As a school, we felt that if it was going to invest in to solar panels that we would do it on the lowest scale possible that we could fund, and also self fund.

The portal can be used as a learning aid, particularly in science and technology, and also in business and maths.

So within Northfleet School For Girls we have a group of students that work on projects for eco.

The students of the eco project group talk about their experience.

We've had our solar panels installed in the six-weeks holiday.

They grab the solar energy from the sun and then they convert it into energy that we use as a school.

If we generate a lot on a really really nice sunny day, then we will sell the remaining extra energy we make to the National Grid.

It's a big step in the right way because this is a commitment which takes time and money.

As part of the eco team we've been promoting waste reductions.

Before the eco team came about the school was literally like a tip and like there was litter everywhere, like plastic cutlery all over the floors.

We've labeled the bins, we've done posters, assembly and orders.

We know that people get confused so we're reducing the labels on the bins to just 2 things because people are getting confused and the whole point is to recycle, and if people are not putting it in the right bins then obviously it can't be recycled.

Caption: Interest free loans available to schools in Kent

This is the largest installation on a school within the country; a fact that we are very proud of, and hopefully it will help inspire other schools or organisations to look at the benefits of large-scale solar installations.

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