Start for Life

A young child smiling

Start for Life aims to improve the health of babies and children, from conception, throughout pregnancy and up to the age of 2. This time is really important for healthy development. We want to support parents-to-be and mums, dads and carers to give their children the best foundations for future health and happiness.

Some Start for Life services are universal services which everyone can access. Some are unique to the place you live and include targeted and specialist support for those that need it.

You will be able to access Start for Life services online, in the home or in community settings.

Further support for you and your family

  • Cost of living - if you have money worries or are looking for ways you can make your money go further, we can help you to find your way through the advice and support available.
  • One You Kent - One You is here to help you get healthier and feel better. Get help to quit smoking, drink less, move more and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Drug and alcohol support - alcohol and drug misuse causes a wide range of problems for families and communities as well as for the person with the alcohol or drug problem. Find out how to access support.
  • Domestic abuse support - advice and information on services available for victims, friends and family, and perpetrators of domestic abuse.