Report misuse of a Blue Badge

Blue Badge applications are assessed against national guidance, and all conditions which affect an applicant’s ability to mobilise would be considered through the application process, whether visible or non-visible.

Please remember not all disabilities which affect a person’s ability to mobilise are visible.

All Blue Badge holders must:

  • have a valid Blue Badge
  • never give the badge to friends or family to allow them to park for free, even if they are visiting
  • not use the badge to allow non-disabled people to take advantage of the benefits whilst siting in the car
  • make sure their badge is displayed properly.

Find out more about the rights and responsibilities when using a Blue Badge.

However, if you see or believe a Blue Badge is being misused, please let us or your local borough or district council's Parking Enforcement Team know.

Report to your local Parking Enforcement Team

If you believe that a Blue Badge is:

  • not being displayed correctly (including changing the clock for parking)
  • expired but still being used
  • being used without the badge holder being present.

Contact your local borough or district council's Parking Enforcement Team.

Report to us

If you believe that a Blue Badge is being used by someone who:

  • may not be eligible
  • is using a deceased person's Blue Badge
  • has applied for a Blue Badge on behalf of another who is not benefitting from the Blue Badge
  • has altered or copied a Blue Badge.

Report this misuse to us.

Disabled parking bays

All disabled parking bays can be used by eligible Blue Badge holders, as long as they display a valid badge. No one has exclusive rights to use a particular disabled parking pay, even if you have applied for it.

You can contact your local borough or district council if:

  • someone is parking in a disabled parking pay without a valid Blue Badge
  • you want to apply for a disabled parking bay outside your home
  • you want to find your nearest disabled parking bay
  • you have any other parking enquiries.

Visit the national government website for general information about:

  • where you can and cannot park
  • safe and responsible parking
  • places you should check before parking.