Bridges and limits

Height limits

Network Rail provide information on the prevention of bridge strikes. It includes:

  • good practice guides for transport managers
  • guides for drivers from other countries
  • training course for professional drivers


  • know your height
  • check signs at the bridge, do not ignore them.

If you see a vehicle hit a bridge, contact information should be on a sign on the bridge. If there is not a phone number, call the police on 999.

Weight limits

Weight limits can be due to structural or environmental reasons. These help:

  • protect buildings, roads and bridges
  • stop lorries and HGVs from using areas as through routes
  • reduce and manage traffic congestion

Restrictions are based on plated vehicle weights and the vehicle is banned even if empty.

Contact us

If you have a question about bridges and limits around Kent, or need to report a problem, contact us using our reporting tool.