Green Corridors Programme

The Green Corridors programme will deliver walking and cycling infrastructure improvements to 13 sites across Ebbsfleet and the surrounding area. This is the third phase of funding from Ebbsfleet Development Corporation.

This third phase will connect some of the remaining gaps in the cycling and walking network to better connect new and existing communities.

Site 1 - Painters Ash and Pepper Hill

23 dropped crossings and associated infrastructure were installed across the Painters Ash and Pepper Hill area of Northfleet.

Scheme objective: This scheme aimed to promote accessibility for pedestrians in the housing development, particularly surrounding Painters Ash School.

Progress: This scheme was constructed in May to June 2021.

Site 2 - Thames Way

This scheme will renew the segregated cycle and walking infrastructure on Thames Way from the A2260 junction to the railway bridge to the west of Northfleet station. The cycleway and footway will both be widened to the updated cycling LTN1/20 standards. Lighting will be provided in the pedestrian underpass to the south of Black Eagle Drive.

Scheme objective: To promote accessibility connections by improving the cycling and pedestrian facilities between Ebbsfleet Station and Grove Rd development.

Progress: Detailed design stage.

Site 3 - Greenhithe Station

This scheme will provide a pedestrian footway to the north of Greenhithe Station. The second phase of the scheme will introduce a more direct cycle route from London Road to the station via Ivy Villas and Station Road. A shared use ramp from Station Road to Station Approach will be constructed.

Scheme objective: To link up disconnected cycle and pedestrian routes surrounding Greenhithe Station and to promote a north-south route from the new Whitecliffe development to the station.

Progress: Phase 1 will be constructed in Summer 2022. Phase 2 is at the detailed design stage.

Site 4 - Ebbsfleet Academy

This scheme will upgrade the surface of the existing Public Right of Way and construct additional pedestrian access to Ebbsfleet Academy from the junction of Southfleet Road and Whitecliffe Road.

Scheme objective: To connect Castle Hill and Swanscombe and increase the accessibility and safety of access to Ebbsfleet Academy for pedestrians.

Progress: Detailed design stage.

Site 5 - Bean Road

This scheme will make Bean Road one way and increase the width of the footway to improve pedestrian accessibility on Bean Road.

Scheme objective: To create a more pedestrian friendly environment by increasing footway width and reallocating road space.

Progress: Detailed design stage.

Site 6 - National Cycle Route 177 to Hall Road

This scheme will provide a cycle link from the National Cycle Route 177 to Hall Road. The current footway on Hall Road will be widened and become a shared surface.

Scheme objective: To provide a connected cycle route from National Cycle Network Route 177 to Hall Road increasing the permeability of the area and encourage sustainable travel.

Progress: Outline design stage.

Site 7 - Ebbsfleet Green to Ebbsfleet Central

This site was intended to provide better accessibility from Ebbsfleet Green to Ebbsfleet Central. However, since the Site of Special Scientific Interest designation of the land to the east of the A2260, it is unlikely that this link will still be needed.

Site 8 - Pepper Hill/Hall Road roundabout to Springhead Parkway

This scheme will provide a stepped cycle route from Pepper Hill/Hall Road roundabout to Springhead Parkway. As part of the next phase, Green Corridors 4, an additional scheme will likely continue this route north to Thames Way.

Scheme objective: To improve the north-south cycle links and accessibility throughout the area. To improve the safety of cyclists on the route.

Progress: Detailed design stage.

Site 9 and 10 - Galley Hill/Lower Road junction to Stonebridge Road roundabout

Sites 9 and 10 are located between the Galley Hill/Lower Road junction and Stonebridge Road roundabout. These sites are larger sites and are part of the Fastrack bus route. As such, further feasibility work is being undertaken at these junctions to identify a joint walking, cycling and bus priority improvement scheme.

Progress: Feasibility stage.

Site 11 - College Road to Vicarage Drive

This scheme will reallocate road space to widen footways and provide shared cycle facilities from College Road to Vicarage Drive.

Scheme objective: To improve the east-west cycle links and accessibility throughout the area and improve the safety of cyclists on the route.

Progress: Outline design stage.

Site 12 - Mounts Road, Greenhithe

This site is located on Mounts Road in Greenhithe. Initial feasibility work is being undertaken to identify possible walking and cycling improvements on the route.

Progress: Feasibility stage.

Site 13 - Keary Road, Swanscombe

This site is located on Keary Road in Swanscombe. Initial feasibility work is being undertaken to identify possible walking improvements and school safety improvements.

Progress: Feasibility stage.

Scheme cost

The Green Corridors programme is entirely funded by Ebbsfleet Development Corporation with a grant of £7.4 million and delivered by Kent County Council (KCC). Phase 3 of the scheme will focus on more substantial schemes than the previous 2 phases.

Scheme documents

Formal Decision

The decision to progress the Green Corridors Programme phase 3 was taken by KCC on 15 September 2020.

Ebbsfleet Garden City has excellent regional and international connectivity, but on a local level, new villages and communities of the Garden City are segregated by the lack of connecting walking and cycling infrastructure. Many areas of Ebbsfleet Garden City are still disjointed and lack the network of local transport connections required to ensure the area grows sustainably.

The Green Corridors programme aims to create a walking and cycling culture including improvements to the quality of life of residents and improved resident satisfaction, whilst making routes safer to use, appealing and less polluted from traffic.

This programme will work alongside other projects, such as Active Travel, wayfinding and cycle hubs to connect developments to walking and cycling infrastructure to make a fully connected network.

The Green Corridors programme has held 2 rounds of public consultation to inform the design of the schemes and the results have been compiled in the consultation report (PDF, 510.9 KB).

Some of the larger schemes may still require further consultation. These will be launched in Summer 2022.


The Green Corridors sites are being designed and built separately. Estimated programme dates are:

  • Detailed design: Spring 2021 to Summer 2022
  • Further consultation: Summer 2022
  • Procurement of contractor: Autumn 2022
  • Construction: Summer 2021 to Spring 2023

Please note these dates are subject to change.

A further phase of the Green Corridors programme is currently at feasibility stage. Possible routes have been identified through meetings with stakeholders, elected members and the results of the Green Corridors phase 3 consultations.

To contact us or for further information about the programme email