Countryside Access Wardens

Countryside Access Wardens help keep the public rights of way network open.

Wardens help the local community and visitors by carrying out simple jobs to make the rights of way network friendlier to use, giving them the confidence to explore the countryside.

Information for Countryside Access Wardens

Training guides

We have some training resources that may be provided on request, use the contact information below. These include:

  • Countryside Access Warden training guide
  • Hazards and precautions
  • Countryside Access Warden supply pick up points
  • Countryside Access Warden agreement.

Log on to report activity if you're already a Countryside Access Warden.

You should only undertake Countryside Access Warden duties if you're registered with the Countryside Access Warden Scheme and have been fully trained, to ensure that you are covered by Kent County Council's insurance policy in case of accident or injury whilst volunteering.

Contact us: