Organisations supporting the armed forces

Covenant Grant Scheme

The Government’s Covenant Fund allocates £10 million per year to fund projects which support and deliver the aims of the Covenant. Public bodies, charities, schools and armed forces units can apply. The funding priorities for 2017-18 are:

  • families in stress
  • strengthening local government delivery of the covenant
  • Armed Forces Covenant local grants
  • a single grant to produce a map of need for the covenant fund
  • a single grant to produce an outcomes framework for the covenant fund.

Applicants can apply using the grant application form on the Government’s Covenant Fund website.

We encourage organisations to bid for Covenant funding. Many organisations in the county have previously been successful, helping to fund great community events, projects and facilities for the benefit of Kent’s Armed Forces community and the wider population, often helping integration.

Before applying we recommended you email to discuss the application. We can offer advice and support around Covenant grants.

Working with our partners

We have worked with other councils and used the Covenant Fund Grant to develop Forces Connect South East aimed at making it easier for servicemen and women, as well as reservists and veterans to access healthcare, housing, schools, financial advice and support to find jobs. Read more about the Forces Connect South East project.

Kent and Medway Civilian Military Partnership Board

The Kent and Medway Civilian Military Partnership Board actively oversees and implements the Kent Armed Forces Covenant and the Medway Armed Forces Covenant and organises an annual conference.

It has 5 sub-groups which focus on:

  • health and wellbeing
  • employment, economy and skills
  • integration housing
  • recognising and remembering

The board meets twice a year to receive reports and progress updates from each of the sub-groups, having a strategic overview of all activity and steering further progress and implementation going forward.