South East Research Framework

The South East Research Framework (SERF) aims to identify what we know about the south east's historic environment and what we want to know more about.

Researchers from all sectors of the archaeology community are working together to build a list of gaps in our current understanding and produce a research agenda and strategy for the future.

Public and stakeholder consultation (draft Resource Assessment and Research Agenda consultation) on the draft Resource Assessment and Research Agenda Chapters ended on 7 March 2019. The chapters have now been updated following comments made during the consultation and the updated chapters are available below.

Resource Assessment and Research Agendas Chapters

Following completion of this stage an implementation plan will be prepared, which will be subject to a subsequent consultation. It is also intended to publish the chapters as a print-on-demand illustrated publication later this year.

SERF is a partnership between East Sussex, Kent, Surrey and West Sussex. Historic England support the project financially.

Seminar notes

Seminar papers

SERF Research Agenda Conference