Other sources of funding

As a local authority, we offer a variety of different community funding programmes which you can apply for online directly.

You should also see what funding opportunities are available from your local parish, town or district councils. Find your local council at GOV.UK.

However, there are other organisations and bodies that could support your project.

Funding from outside local government

There are many organisations who offer grants and other funding to organisations or project with a public benefit. These include:

You can use our own funding database to search for grants from many types of providers.


You could also seek funds for your project through crowdfunding. This means asking people, typically those in the local area, to directly contribute funds.

There are many online platforms you can use to crowdfund projects, but we have launched Crowdfund Kent to help local community-led projects raise funds safely. We'll also be supporting projects directly with up to £20,000 per project.

Learn more about Crowdfund Kent.