Landowner responsibilities and assistance

You're responsible for making sure people can access the public rights of way on your land. This includes making sure they're clear of crops and overhanging plants and looking after stiles and gates.

Download the ploughing, crops and paths leaflet (PDF, 472.7 KB).

You need to get permission from us to put up any new structure but not to make repairs.

Find out more about landowner rights and responsibilities.

Help maintaining rights of way on your land

We'll cover at least 25% of the cost of replacing or repairing stiles and gates, usually by providing materials.

If you replace stiles with gaps or gates we'll consider contributing more to the cost.

Design and construction standards

If your land is in the Kent Downs Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty you can find further information in the Landscape Design Handbook.

Advice and guidance

Email or call us on 03000 41 71 71 for any advice about countryside access.