Kent Strategic Model service

We operate a transport modelling service for public and private sector organisations and businesses within, or with an interest in, Kent.

The Kent Transport Model helps us and other stakeholders understand:

  • how people currently travel around the county
  • how this might change with future growth and as major schemes and strategic interventions are implemented
  • the performance of the Kent transport network in the future if specific developments and/or transport scheme interventions are built or not.

We support the assessment of land-use options and proposals for larger new developments. New developments can place pressure on both the transport system and the environment. It is therefore important to ensure that not only the land-use strategy set out in local plans, but also each individual development for which planning consent is sought, has produced sound evidence in accordance with the planning practice guidance on Travel Plans, Transport Assessments and Statements (March 2014, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government). The work should detail the likely impact of the development and identify appropriate and effective mitigations.

We can provide this evidence base to integrate with the Kent Transport Model, which can subsequently lead to a more streamlined assessment of potential transport impacts.

For further information about the service including the costs and charges read the Kent Strategic Model Service Guide (PDF, 315.6 KB) or to access the service contact