Tree planting funding for landowners or managers

If you're a landowner interested in large-scale planting, or you manage land in the same way, there are many organisations offering funding and support to help you plant trees sustainably.

We've provided this list to help but some may be out of date, so please check each organisation's website to confirm availability.

You should also read The Woodland Trust's tree planting advice.

Funding nameDetailsWhen to applyMore information
Forestry Commission -  England Woodland creation planning grant

The England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO) provides support to create new woodland, including through natural colonisation, on areas as small as one hectare.

You could receive over £10,000 per hectare to support your woodland creation scheme.

AnytimeLearn more about the EWCO grant at GOV.UK
Forestry Commission - Woodland Creation Planning Grant

Money to help with cost of planning planting a wood.

Minimum area 10 hectares. Wood can be used for timber production. Plan can be used as a basis of application for further funding.

AnytimeLearn more about the Woodland Creation Planning Grant at GOV.UK
Forestry Commission - Woodland Carbon Guarantee (WCaG)

The WCaG provides you with the option to sell your captured carbon dioxide to the government for a guaranteed price every 5 or 10 years up to 2055/56,  providing an additional long-term income from your woodland.

No minimum size.

Opens in windows throughout the year.Learn more about the WCaG at GOV.UK
Countryside Stewardship - Woodland Creation: Maintenance Payments (WD1)If you've previously been awarded WCG funding, you can apply for a further 10 years of funding to maintain the new woodland.Successful WCG applicants will be given a bespoke deadline to apply for WD1 funding.Learn more about the WD1 grant at GOV.UK
Countryside Stewardship - Woodland Tree Health

This grant offers support for restocking woodland after felling due to a tree health issues, and for the removal of diseased trees and infected rhododendron.

Minimum land area is 0.1 hectare.

AnytimeLearn more about the Woodland Tree Health Grant at GOV.UK
Countryside Stewardship - Woodland Management Planning Grant (WMPG)

The WMPG is a one-off payment to create a 10-year Woodland Management Plan which is UK Forestry Standard (UKFS) compliant.

Minimum land area is 3 hectares.

AnytimeLearn more about the WMPG at GOV.UK
Government Stewardship SchemeFunding available for creation of woodland and restocking of woodland including Woodland Creation GrantAnytimeLearn more about the Government Stewardship Scheme at GOV.UK
eForests - free treesThe scheme is open for large projects (200 or more trees). Primarily free trees for nature reserves, community woodlands or landowners with rewilding projects.AnytimeLearn more about free trees from eForests
Environment Agency - natural flood management

Funding is available for tree planting that helps to reduce flood risk.

Trees can be a component of “natural flood management”.

AnytimeLearn more and apply at Catchment Based Approach
Ground Control -Evergreen fund

Ground Control has pledged to invest £100,000 a year in tree-planting. The scheme is a partnership between Ground Control and the applicant where both parties provide some resource.

Although the scheme is primarily for larger areas (2 hectares minimum) this can include farmland, parks, hedgerows recreational areas.

AnytimeLearn more about the Evergreen Fund
Woodland Trust - Trees For Your FarmPlant 500+ trees. Funding of up to 100% of costs is available for agroforestry schemes benefiting the business of productive farms, including a site visit and tree planting assessment.Applications open now for Autumn 2022Learn more about Trees For Your Farm and apply via The Woodland Trust
Woodland Trust - MOREwoodsWhere more than 500 trees are planted as woodland on at least half a hectare, the Woodland Trust will help design your woodland, supply the agreed trees, and cover up to 75% of costsApplications open now for Autumn 2022Learn more about MOREwoods and apply via the Woodland Trust
Woodland Trust - MOREhedgesThe Woodland Trust will subsidise up to 75% of the cost of planting 100 metres of new hedging with trees every 6 metres.Applications open now for Autumn 2022Learn about MOREHedges at The Woodland Trust
People’s Trust for Endangered Species - orchard grantsCommunity orchards can apply for grants to fund new trees, rootstock and grafting materials.Applications open now for Autumn 2022Learn more at People's Trust for Endangered Species