Funding for schools, businesses and community groups planting trees

If you represent a business, community group or school, there are many organisations offering funding and support to help you plant trees sustainably.

We've provided this list to help but some may be out of date, so please check each organisation's website for to confirm availability.

You should also read our tree planting advice.

Scheme or project nameDetailsWhen to applyMore information
Carbon Footprint - UK Tree Planting ProjectSchools can apply for freely donated whips (1 year old trees), sponsored by businesses: Planting accessories are also provided.Any timeLearn more about the UK tree planting project
eForests - free treesWildlife trusts and community woodland groups can apply for 200 or more free trees, to be planted on publicly accessible land.Applications open nowLearn more about Free Trees from eForests
International Tree Foundation - UK Community Tree Planting ProgrammeLocal community groups can apply for grants of up to £1,000 for tree planting projects.Applications open nowLearn more about UK Community Tree Planting Programme
Tree AppealSchools and community groups can apply for free trees, paid for by sponsors, for hedgerows and nature reserves.Any timeLearn more about Tree Appeal
The Tree Council - Orchards for SchoolsSchools can apply for free orchard trees or fruiting hedgerows to encourage pupils and students to get outside, plant and care for trees.Applications open nowLearn more about Orchards for Schools
Woodland Trust - subsidised tree packsSubsidised tree packs of 30 to 420 trees, costing from £41.15.Any timeView subsidised tree packs at The Woodland Trust
TCV – I Dig TreesBundles of 50 free trees, spiral guards and canes available for community groups.Applications open nowLearn more about I Dig Trees
The Tree Council - Branching OutCommunity groups and charities can apply for between £300 and £1,500 of funding for planting projects with public benefit; such as community engagement or education.Applications open nowLearn more about Branching out
Woodland Trust - MOREhedgesThe Woodland Trust will subsidise up to 75% of the cost of planting 100 metres of new hedging with trees every 6 metres.Applications open now for Autumn 2022Learn about MOREHedges at The Woodland Trust
People’s Trust for Endangered Species - orchard grantsCommunity orchards can apply for grants to fund new trees, rootstock and grafting materials.Applications open now for Autumn 2023Learn more at People's Trust for Endangered Species
Woodland Trust - free trees for schools and community groupsSchools and community groups can apply for specialist packs to grow hedges, copses, and fruit and nut trees.Applications open Spring 2023Free trees for schools and community groups