Ecology Island case study

Ecology Island is a weekly mental health retreat in a peaceful, wooded area of Dartford’s Central Park, along the River Darent.

It is a collaboration between North Kent Mind and the North West Countryside Partnership, a conservation group which we support and fund.

Volunteers who attend the retreat work together to learn conservation and wildlife preservation techniques.

How we help

At the weekly retreats, instructors teach volunteers conservation techniques including:

  • practical conservation
  • identifying wildlife
  • natural crafts
  • mindfulness
  • bush craft.

We know from experience that our conservation volunteering projects have a positive effect on people’s mental health and wellbeing, so we are proud to support a project to give people the opportunity to try it for themselves.

The project has also had a positive impact on the wildlife and the environment of Central Park.

How to get involved

You can find out more about Ecology Island, and our other projects, by contacting your local Countryside Management Partnership.