Kent's changing climate

Kent’s climate is changing and it is important that we adapt as a county to minimise the impact of the effects.

We continue to lead projects to help protect us against climate change, and prepare our county for the future.

Climate change risk and impact assessment (CCRIA)

In 2019 we produced, with Medway Council, a comprehensive Climate Change Risk and Impact Assessment specific to the Kent.

It describes the changes Kent might face, and the potential risks to Kent’s society, economy and environment.

The CCRIA is intended to inform policy and decision-makers of the key climate risks that will have the greatest impact on Kent’s society, economy and environment.

Find out more about the Climate Change Risk and Impact Assessment.

Severe Weather Monitoring System (SWIMS)

SWIMS collects data about how services provided by Kent partners are affected during severe weather.

Access or read more about SWIMS.

Climate adaptation projects

With local, national and international partners we support a range of projects to help the county adapt to the global climate emergency.

Our current projects include:

  • H20: Source2Sea European Union funding - to promote the use of natural flood and drought management strategies in Kent.
  • STAR2Cs - supporting local authorities in managing climate adaptation projects.
  • Cool Towns EU funding - helping urban areas minimise the heat-related effects of climate change.
  • Triple A funding - promoting the development and use of low-carbon technologies by homeowners.
  • C5a EU funding - aims to deliver a whole system approach to water and flood risk management in response to climate change.