Provision of new schools

We are commissioning new schools to accommodate an increase in pupil numbers in Kent.

Statutory guidance requires us to seek proposals to establish a free school where we have identified the need for a new school in Kent.

Further information about free schools is available from the New Schools Network.

Sponsoring a free school

If you are considering sponsoring a free school, please contact us at or contact the local Area Education Officer:

Read more advice about sponsoring an academy.

Information for proposers

Read information relating to your area of Kent:

We are commissioning a new 2 FE primary school in Ebbsfleet Green, Dartford

Our Commissioning Plan for Education Provision in Kent 2018-2022 is key to achieving our aims and identifies the need for new school provision across Kent. One such need is a new 2 FE primary school with a 26 FTE place nursery within Ebbsfleet Green, Dartford, for September 2020. Therefore, under section 6A of the Education and Inspections Act 2006 (the ‘free school presumption’) we are seeking sponsors to establish a free school at Ebbsfleet Green.

We are proposing that the school contains a specialist provision for pupils with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  This could be via a satellite unit of a local Special School on the new school site. The alternative is for the sponsor to operate a specialist resourced provision within the school.  We would be interested in sponsor’s views about this.

The expressions of interest form (DOCX, 14.8 KB) must be received no later than 12pm, 28 September 2018 and full applications (DOCX, 60.2 KB) must be received no later than 12pm, 19 October 2018.

Email the application form to for the attention of Ian Watts, Area Education Officer (North Kent).


There are currently no provisions of new schools in South Kent.

There are currently no provisions for new schools in East Kent.