Child Protection conferences

A Child Protection Conference is a meeting held between families and professionals from different local authority services when there are serious concerns about the safety and welfare of a child.

The conference is a chance for everyone to share information, discuss what is happening to the child and agree a plan to support the family in making positive changes to keep the child the safe.

Our approach to Child Protection conferences is called 'Stronger families, safer children.'

You can watch a short video explaining what to expect at a child protection conference.

Our commitment to your family

We understand talking to a social worker or having a child protection plan is not easy. We are committed to reducing the pressure on you and your family during what can be a challenging time.

Our commitment to parents and carers (PDF, 108.2 KB)

Our commitment to children and young people (PDF, 94.6 KB)

We will invite parents and carers, or other family members to conference and we'll support and encourage them to take an active part.

If you are going to have a child protection conference, your social worker will have been in touch with you to explain what's happening and why. If you don't know who your social worker is or how to contact them, please call us on 03000 41 11 11.

Further information

Our guides outline why a conference would be held, what happens during a conference, and how to participate.

Child Protection Conference guide for parents and carers (PDF, 215.9 KB)

Child Protection Information leaflet for children and young people aged 11 plus (PDF, 610.7 KB)

Child protection information for children aged 7 to 11 (PDF, 610.7 KB)