Resources to help you home educate

There are a number of printed and online resources that you can use, and groups you can get involved with to help you provide an education to your child. You can join local groups to meet with other parents who educate their children at home.

As with all resources, please explore them to see whether they suit your child and their learning style.

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Education advice

  • Advisory Centre for Education - independent advice for parents on education issues
  • Department of Education - responsible for education and children's services in England
  • Education Otherwise - a UK charity offering information and support to home educating families
  • Home Education Advisory Service - dedicated to the provision of advice and practical support for families who wish to educate their children at home in preference to sending them to school
  • Human Scale Education -  Educational charity promoting small alternative schools, small classes and home education where children and young people are known and valued as individuals.
  • National Curriculum - The national curriculum sets out the programmes of study and attainment targets for all subjects at all 4 key stages.
  • Step Education - for families who experience interruptions to education due to travelling or cultural reasons.


  • Emporium Plus - join Emporium Plus (previously named Treasure Chest) to gain access to boxes of learning resources to support children in the early years foundation stage and key stage one
  • Kent Children’s University - Kent Children's University provides all children aged 5-14 years with the opportunity to take part in exciting and creative learning activities outside of the normal school day
  • Libraries - join the library to get free access to over 2 million books, eBooks, audiobooks and online resources:
    • Find out about events and activities in your local library.
    • Library members can access our online reference library including homework resources.

Outdoor schools

  • Fir Tree Forest School
  • Outdoor Schools - All areas of the curriculum can be delivered using the outdoors, children offered regular outdoor learning opportunities often become active participants in their own learning and take ‘ownership’ of their own local natural environments.

Virtual schools

Days out and educational visits

Please visit the Kent Attractions website for a list of educational visits.

  • FLAGS - Weekly meets in Edenbridge for family learning & group support, plus events in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London
  • KAL - Kent and London home educators support group
  • ASD home education Medway & Kent - group for parents/carers of ASD/Asperger’s children who are educating them 'otherwise' i.e. Home Education or Flexi-schooling
  • HE-Omega - group of HE families dedicated to supporting and enriching the facilities and opportunities available to Home Educators in and around the Maidstone and Medway area and the county of Kent.
  • DragonflyKidz - Home education group for East Kent and coastal areas
  • Folkestone & Coastal home educators - a supportive & friendly group for HE families in Folkestone and the surrounding coastal areas.

See the national curriculum for the primary programmes of study and attainment targets for key stages 1 and 2.

Helpful resources to download or purchase:

Text-based resources

Online resources

Visit our guide to elective home education for more details about what to teach, how to get started and how we can help you.

There are a range of options available for young people who have completed their statutory education. See the following sites for more information:

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Contact the SEN team for more information.

Local support groups

You can search the SEND Local Offer to find out what's available in your area.

Safeguarding young people

  • Child employment - information on child employment for parents and employers and how to apply for the child work permit
  • Children in entertainment - if a child is the school age or below and involved in performances, they must be licensed and properly chaperoned
  • Online Safety - we work with schools and educational settings to help children, staff and parents understand online risks and how to manage them

Find more information about keeping children safe on the Kent Safeguarding Children's Board (KSCB) website.


Mental health


Young carers

See a map of local projects that support young carers. Other services include:

The early help service supports families to do well, stay safe and resolve problems as quickly as possible before they become more serious.

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