Performance licence and extension

The person responsible for the production needs to apply 21 days before the first performance. However, workload permitting, we may be able to issue a licence within 10 full days notice (the 10 full days does not include the date the application was submitted or the first date the licence is required). Please call us on 03000 42 08 83 to ask if this is possible before submitting your application.

Apply online

You can apply online for:

For each application, the following proof is required for each child and applies to both single and multiple applications:

Find out more about children in entertainment regulations.

Extensions to the licence

Single licence extension

You can apply for a single licence, by selecting 'single performance licence' when prompted.

Performance licence extension

You can extend an existing single performance licence using the online extension application form by selecting 'extension' when prompted.  You will need to enter the reference number of your existing licence and upload your completed extension request form (DOC, 137.5 KB).

Multiple licence application

To complete the multi licence application, please contact the CEE team by emailing or call 03000 420883 for further details.

Request an exemption of performances

An exemption can be issued if the children have not performed for more than 3 days in the last 6 months, are not being paid and are not missing school for any rehearsals or performances. If this applies an exemption could be issued.

If an exemption is issued, there is no legal requirement to have licenced chaperones. However, we strongly advise that you have sufficient adult supervision for the children at all times.  If you have licensed chaperones within your organisation they should be listed on the spreadsheet.

To apply for an exemption please complete the exemption spreadsheet (XLSX, 85.8 KB) and attach this to the online exemption form.