Body of Persons Approval (BOPA)

A Body of Persons Approval (BOPA) allows groups and organisations to have an overall licence for their performance. This means you don't need a licence for each individual child.

All performances must comply with the law.

You must apply at least 21 days before the first performance. However, workload permitting, we may be able to issue a licence within 5 working days. Please call us on 03000 420 883 to ask if this is possible before submitting your application.

The criteria for a Body of Persons Approval are:

  • the organisation must have complied with licensing and performance regulations  and have been in contact with the Child Employment team
  • all performances and rehearsals must take place in the area covered by Kent County Council (this does not include Medway, Bexley or Bromley)
  • performances and rehearsals must take place outside of school hours
  • no one should receive payment for taking part in the performance
  • the organisation must have a child safeguarding policy.

BOPA application

You will need to complete a BOPA application by following the procedure below:

A BOPA can still be granted even if some of the children do not meet the criteria. For children who do not meet the criteria, you will need to apply for individual licences.

Please complete points 1 and 2 first. These must be saved after completion.

Step 1: Body of Persons approval application (DOCX, 21.5 KB)

Step 2: Contract of agreement form  (DOC, 40.5 KB)

Once step 1 and 2 are completed, you must then action step 3.

Step 3: Online Body of Persons application.

The Online Body of Persons application requires you to upload a copy of the following:

Once the application is submitted, you must then notify us of the performances.

Notification of performances

If the notification information is not ready at the time of completing the application, this may also be uploaded and submitted at a later date via the Body of Persons notification form.

Please note the spreadsheet needs to be completed in the format it has been set, with all details completed in full, otherwise it will not be accepted.

BOPA notification

A BOPA notification form can only be used once an application has been made. If you already have a valid BOPA, you will need to notify us of any additional performances you are taking part in within the Kent area. In order to do this you will need to complete step 4 again.

For applicants using an Apple device, please refer to the guidance notes (PDF, 693.6 KB) as to how to complete the notification of performances form.

The notification of performances form must be completed by each company/group with full details of the children.

BOPA notifications will not be accepted by post or email. You must apply online.